Introducing Justin


I never thought I would meet someone again till I met Justin.
Me age 38 Him age 21 ! WHO KNEW!
Here's our story as of how we met:

My roommate and I were hungry one late afternoon, and we wanted something Quick and easy to eat, so we went to one of the Subway franchises in town for a fast bite.
It was September 24th 2008 like i will always remember it around 4pm in the afternoon.
As a promoter for the Miss OK pageant I do get quite busy, and very often grab my food on the run....

So we  walked into "Subway" and a friendly lady took our orders, while I was being looked at by a man standing in the opening that divided the dining and employee area, while he was cleaning up, and getting ready for the lunch rush of the evening....
He seemed friendly, with sparkling eyes, and a smile that would any heart melt...
My roommate noticed the young man staring and made me aware of the situation, so I replied that I had noticed it already..........."He's very cute" she mentioned  so i just nodded.
I had been sigle after a nasty and heartbreaking break up with Mike in 2000 and was just fine being single and dedicating myself to my job.

As we received our food, from an employee and were ready to pay for it, he kept walking from the back to the dining room, with his sparkling eyes in my direction, and a smile that never seemed to fade.
My roommate indicated that I should give him my phone number, and I replied I wasnt that kind of woman to pass out my number to just any starnger that smiled at me.
Since he was yhe manager there, he mustered the courage, to walk up, and ask if all was prepared to my satisfaction, keeping eye contact the whole time, and his smile ever ready.
I answered him yes, and he replied with "thank you for visiting Subway and please come again very soon"

My roommate was looking for change to pay for the food, while the man in question was spilling Ranch dressing all over the place with his eyes still in my direction.
I started laughing, and remarked " Now you will have to clean up that mess".
I asked my roommate for a pen, while i searched desperately for a piece of paper in my purse to jot down my number. So I did.
While my roommate paid for the food, i mentioned Him to come my way and he did, so I handed him the piece of paper with my number, turned around embarassed and we walked out with our food.
My roommate wanted to know as of Why I left in a hurry and said "Girl, U should have seen his face when U gave him ur note"

So we went hom, and ate, while a friend of mine was feeling blue due to his wife been deployed to Iracq, and I asked him to come over, and I would try to cheer him up.
So an hour later Phil arrived, and we took off to a local coffee shop where we could chat, when my phone rang......GUESS WHO!.................correct, the guy from Subway!

He started the conversation with " Hi i'm the guy you gave ur number to earlier at Subway"
I have to admit I was flattered that he actually called 3 hrs after getting my number.
I thought for sure he never would have since i thought it was weird the way I handeled the situation.
So we chatted on the phone for about twenty minutes, during when I learned that his name was Justin.
I asked him what actually what compelled him to actually call me, and he replied  with
"I wanted to get to jnow the lady with the cute accent! (yes i have 1 im from Switzerland(
He also told me he was a single part time parent of an eight month old daughter, and asked if it would be ok with me to meet up with him the next day, and I agreed.

So before the call ended I asked, Tell me Justin, how old are you!?
I about fainted when he replied that he just turned 21 in june '08  OH MY!
We said goodbye, and I hung up the phone and cracked up laughing.
My friend Phil who overheard the whole phone conversation, said well that seemed to have been a nice guy...............My reply was  Yeah he seems so A 21 yr old guy.!
I didnt think much about it, afterall, what in the heck would I have in common with a 21yr old?
But all by all, I would be delighted to meet up with Justin the next day, afterall he could become a friend????

(keep coming back 2 read the story of Justin&I continued )