Albertan Girls Turn Hollywood Heads

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Albertan Woman are Making Hollywood Headlines in Love and Romance

March 7th, 2009

Canadian Girls Are Enticing To Hollywood Men this week as Alberta exports more than Oil, Gas and Beef!

It’s about time we got a little attention up here in the North! It’s not just all about the oil and gas and beef that we are continually exporting out and into the world. How about the hearts, personalities, and charisma  of some cute Albertan girls?

Jillian Harris, 29,  a well-loved fan favorite on “The Bachelor”, has signed on to be the “Star” of “The Bachelorette”  - season five. Harris is a former resident of Peace River, Alberta, although she is currently based in Vancouver as an interior designer for the Browns restaurant chain.

And how about Kyla Webber, also 29, who is about top become Mrs. Vince Vaughn? Webber is a Calgary, Alberta Realtor who is set to marry the actor as he announced their engagement earlier this week. Co-incidently, Vaughn’s mother is also Canadian – born and was a real estate agent. (Maybe it is true – men want a partner who resembles their mother)! Nonetheless, I wish these Albertan sisters success on their paths of love and romance!

Albertan women are rising! We are strong and spirited women!  We are REAL WOMEN! After all, we come from the “wild” west!  We are hearty (thanks to the climate). We are fun-loving - ever been skiing or snowboarding to Lake Louise  with us or stompin’ through Cowboys with a Pale Ale in -hand  with one of “us” on your arm during the Calgary Stampede? We are explorers - wanna dig up dinosaur bones in Drumheller? We are Chic (talk about the masses of boutiques all over this Province and wait-till-that-new-Holt Renfrew-opens in downtown Calgary). And please note - top Couture Fashion Designer Paul Hardy is located here in Calgary and dresses goddesses world-wide on runways and red carpets. And we are savvy. It’s tough to break the glass-ceiling in the male-dominated oil, gas and beef sectors!

So we have learned well, thanks to our ancestors like  Nellie McClung, to use our feminine wiles and guises to strive for  our own successes, and turn heads along the way. We appreciate nature and enjoy the great outdoors (from the Prairies to the Lakes to the Rocky Mountains and everything in-between). We are sports enthusiasts (Oilers/Flames and Stampeders/Eskimos die-hard fans). We are also queens of hospitality (ahem – we still set the bar for friendliness and our hospitable ways thanks to the 88 winter Olympics). We love stilettos yet we love our cowboy boots and hats too. And we know about cattle, horses, and beer, to boot!

And - even better - WE KNOW HOW TO COOK A STEAK! We even eat them, too!

What man wouldn’t want to hook a Canuck – especially one from Alberta? We are thoroughbreds! We are elegant and educated, but make no mistake, we are good – hearted “Broads”.

What guy could resist these enchanting Albertan fillies?

I am proud to say, I am Canadian! And yes - an Albertan. And I proudly support other pioneering Albertan women as I will honor Mitzie Wasyliw on Monday, March 9,  at the Woman of Vision Luncheon  at the Calgary Westin.

Simply put, we are Wild Roses!

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