6.7 Billion is a lot of people!


It is amazing that there are some women out there that think they are the only women in the world. Also, many people in Hollywood think they are the only ones that are out there also. Well – it can be said that if you are in Hollywood and have not had an “E! True Hollywood Story” about you then you are not that famous – or that if you a woman and NOT part of the FORD MODELING AGENCY, then that means there are women BETTER LOOKING then you – and ALWAYS will be more attractive then you. Pure Ego is around in the world; and it will take some logic and blunt rationalizations to make people realize that this world is bigger then them; and always will be. I have more respect for women that are in teachers, nurses, and waitresses over any model any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Any person that makes a difference in someone else’s life is someone that deserves respect. Teacher, Nurses, and Waitresses are the only jobs out there that tend to be full of really excellent, nice, beautiful, and down to earth women.In this economy there is going to be less and less guys that will be willing to date those gold digging women anymore. There is going to be a lot of relationships ending, because the materialistic woman is not wanting to be even a little bit uncomfortable. I think it would be in any guys’ best interest to end relationships when you are laid off or know you are going to be laid off. It is easier worrying about yourself and supports yourself; rather then you and her. If you have a kid – then you are stuck – and I would advise staying with her.It is a prediction of mine that in the next 6 months there are going to be the most percentage of singles in the US then there has ever been. Now I say the US only, because many other countries out there tend to not focus on money as a factor in dating or in the relationship. And this is the reason why divorce rates are lower in most other countries, because money is NOT a factor and materialism is less prominent in other countries


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