Zagat Dating (And Dumping) Survey Highlights


Surprising finds from first date to breakup.

Seasoned daters tend to consult a Zagat for advice before a first date, so why not consult the go-to resource during other stages of the dating game? There's no good reason not to, especially in light of the recent Zagat Dating (And Dumping) Guides. Yes, the makers of the self-proclaimed food and travel bible do have all the answers now. Since Love Buzzers know wisdom when we see it–namely in Zagat's Dating (And Dumping) Survey results–we'll grace you with the highlights: 
On first date ettiquette:
While the majority of those surveyed said they don't change their dinner order in light of new company, New Yorkers proved to be more likely than Los Angeles natives to order fewer courses or less food than normal. Subjects living in LA were more likely than New Yorkers to make less expensive menu choices on a first date.
Is it always the guy's duty to pay for date number one? Fifty percent of those surveyed say it is, indeed. However, 46 percent said the bill goes to whoever extended the invitation.
On defining the relationship:
Wondering when to have "the talk"? Forty-seven percent of those polled said the sticky subject should be brought up after you've been dating for a while if your partner still introduces you as "friend" rather than "girlfriend." According to 36 percent–who are, apparently, in favor of tough love–if you have to talk about it's not going to happen. 
On breaking up:
The best way to break up with someone is in person, according to 81 percent of those surveyed, although 25 percent said they'd dumped someone else by email. So much for the classic love-you-no-more letter. The written avenue of approach was favored by only one percent of those surveyed.
Wondering what to do with your ex's old undies, his date-night-in DVDs and his favorite college sweatshirt? Seventy percent of those surveyed said they would give their ex's stuff back, while 17 percent said they would trash it. Ten percent said they'd take their former beau's goods for keeps. After all, how could he possibly care about material possessions when he's lost you?