2008's Juiciest Celeb Love Stories

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Celebrity relationships were big news in 2008. From Jennifer Aniston to Beyoncé, it's all here.

The year 2008 AD was another barn-burner for celebrity breakups, hook ups, make-ups and hiccups. Some things were only a matter of time (Hugh Hefner's harem heads home and George Clooney breaks Sarah Larson's heart), some were a bit shocking (Christie Brinkley's husband paid that girl how much to keep quiet?) and some we really should have seen coming a mile away (Oh, David Duchovny's character on Californication is an aspiration, got it), but here we have chosen the top 10 celebrity-related love stories of 2008.

10) Please finalize your divorce already! There has always been some feeling that Heather Mills was a loose cannon. She proved that with her performance during her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney. Rumor has it that this marathon divorce prompted Parliament to enact prenup laws.

9) "Me and Mariah go back like babies with a pacifier." Mariah Carey, once married to record exec Tommy Mottola and allegedly burned by a relationship with Eminem, goes for a younger man. While their 10-year age gap (hubby Nick Cannon is 28, she's 38) may not put her in 'according to Hoyle' cougar range, it's close. She also seems to have reversed course on her desire to not have children.

8) The Raffaello Follieri Incident. Anne Hathaway had a banner year; she starred in her first big budget action comedy (Get Smart), garnered critical acclaim (Rachel Getting Married) and became the face of Lancôme. She also dated the Italian Zach Braff (Raffaello Follieri) who was arrested for grand acts of fraud. She probably got to ask FBI agents if her Agent 99 was convincing.

7) K-Fed gets the kids. The Britney Spears kirk-out hit its arête (we hope). She finished dating her Paparazzi boyf, caught some time in Club Kooky and eventually completed her divorce with Kevin Federline. He received most of the custody of their kids (and it looks like he may have eaten one) and she said she'd quit sex (but received many kudos for her album Blackout).

6) Jay-Z & Beyoncé admit they're good friends. Jay-Z and Beyoncé Knowles got married in a somewhat secret, ultra A-List ceremony. But nowhere along the way did they admit that they were dating. This does not bode well for us getting anything out of Rihanna and Chris Brown until they're attending the wedding of one of their future children.

5) White wine Spitzer. Eliot Spitzer, the governor of New York, is caught with a hooker. Not literally caught but the new-fangled caught with paper trails and voice recordings. A stellar, crusading career gets cut short, but a young gal, Ashley Dupre, gets her time in the sun and America learns about the business of high-priced call girls. This goes in the 5 Slot because he's not really a celebrity.

4) Jennifer Aniston is dating whom now? Jennifer Aniston has been America's Sweetheart since Friends. Her fairytale (and nightmare) relationship with Brad Pitt captivated us. We were all hoping that she could just find the right guy. She was seen on the town with a number of eligible dudes but settled, then unsettled and apparently resettled with singer-songwriter-sillypants John Mayer.

3) LiLo kissed a girl, seemed to enjoy it. Lindsay Lohan has seen her fortunes rise and fall like an old 19th century prospector with a gambling problem. But she found succor, stability and safe harbor from a string of one-night stands in the form of Samantha Ronson. Her relationship with the English DJ hasn't kept the paps off her back but seems to have kept her out of trouble. Some allege we (the media and public) are being had.

2) Ellen and Portia get hitched. During the summer a panel of judges lifted a ban on gay marriage in California only for Proposition 8 to slam the prohibition back into place. In the meantime, TV personality Ellen Degeneres married long-time girlf Portia de Rossi in a small ceremony. We'll have to wait and see on what the ultimate repercussions on Prop 8's passing are.

1) Madonna is only on second divorce? It can't come as a huge surprise that a woman constantly "evolving" as an artist and a woman would have a hard time staying in a relationship. But the way her split from Guy Ritchie has played out is bizarre and smacks of weird power plays. We now know that the kids are kept on a tight leash and that Guy refused to be kept on an equally taut tether. New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez's involvement made the whole affair even weirder.