Five Things Barack And Michelle Will Say Tonight

Five Things Barack And Michelle Will Say Tonight

Before they make love tonight (and we're assuming they will), Barack and Michelle Obama will have some choice words for each other, and we can only imagine what they are. Actually, someone (who wishes to remain anonymous) already has. Here are five things the newly-elects might say before they get down and dirty.

Barack: Do you realize you're about to do it with the future leader of the free world? 

Michelle: I can think of one thing that doesn't need to change.

Barack: This mouth isn't tired from that acceptance speech you know. 

Michelle: I think Barack Jr. must make more than 250K, 'cause he's already risin'.  

Barack: Enjoy me while you can baby, cause soon I'm gonna be in a new oval office.

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Photo: transplanted mountaineer, Flickr.