When Aunt Flo's In Town

When Aunt Flo's In Town

Your period: do you hide it from your boy or not?  Jezebel asks the tough questions:

...there's one final frontier of unpleasantness that means you're really close: changing your pads and tampons in front of your boyfriend. (I say "boyfriend," because I'm assuming this isn't as much of an issue in lesbian relationships.) Some guys are apparently squeamish about this sort of thing, probably the same ones who are weird about period sex. But can you really have a lasting relationship with someone if you have to hide bloody cotton from them?

No, you can't. At least that's been my experience! Men who're squeamish about period stuff ascribe to the "porcelain doll" theory of womanhood: we wear makeup all the time, our armpits don't sweat and nothing happens "down there" unrelated to fooling around. Fertile women bleed (unless you skip your period on purpose), it's a beautiful life process, but some men just think it's dirty, icky and embarrassing!  These are probably the same guys who'll be too red-faced to run to the store for you and pick up a box of tampons (and that emergency box of Mallomars).

Of course, a guy doesn't need to see your period moments at all, you could boot him out of the bathroom for 30 seconds of privacy.  I'm sure he would be happy to oblige.  But knowing you and your boy are, in fact, that close is truly a comforting thought. It sounds silly to admit, but I almost want to do "bathroom stuff" in front of a guy to confirm that he really likes mesince if he doesn't like me, he'll probably get all hinky and uncomfortable.

Is it unfair to make that a litmus test?  I don't think so.  Two people who barely know each other sleep together all the time, but showering, shaving (face or legs or whatever), or pulling out a tampon in front of another person? That's intimate.  Sisters do that, roommates do that, couples do that.

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What do you think, is dealing with your period in front of a guy a sign of true intimacy?