Just Us Girls

Buzz, Love

I just had a much-needed "girl" weekend with my good friend Blane at my parents' lake house in Savannah. We drank way too much wine, cooked good food, went skinny dipping late at night and stopped just short of giving each other mud masks during the Bachelorette (not because it was too cliche, just because we had too much to drink and forgot).

At one point she said to me, "You know this is the last weekend we're going to have like this in a long time." With me getting married and possibly moving and she and her live-in boyfriend building a house together, we realized that life is about to get pretty hectic and it will be tough to plan "just girl" weekends together.

That kind of sucks.

I love when Fred and I hang out with Blane and her boyfriend, but there's just something about girl talk (which reminds me--remember that ridiculous board game from the early 90s where the losers had to put red zit stickers on their faces? I digress); the gossip, the giggling, the deeply emotional analyses of life and love that can't be replicated with a boy.

I know that even with all the craziness of getting married and life with Fred, I will always make room for my girls. He just doesn't have the same appreciation for the Bachelorette that Blane does.