Gene Simmons Sex Tape

gene simmons sex tape

Ugh. Not to go all McCarthy hearing on you, but “Have you no sense of decency, sir?” Did anyone anywhere really want to see a sex tape with any of the members of KISS? Maybe 30 years ago. Heck, maybe even 20 years ago. But now? Gene Simmons claims that the guy isn’t him. had a good point, this is the sort of thing that we could expect out of the spike and paint-clad rocker. He claims to have bed 4,600 women in his day (not including main squeeze Shannon Tweed, so make it 4,601). His foray into the world of celebrity sex tape has followed the standard attention-seeking path: famous star from another era (check), not-scripted show about him (check, The Family Jewels), and ouster from more popular reality-ish show (check, The Celebrity Apprentice). It is either time for a KISS reunion tour or a sex tape. No one deserves this. 

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