Creative Ways To Spend Valentine's Day

Creative Ways To Spend Valentine's Day

"Where are you guys doing dinner on Valentine's?"

If we had a nickel for every time we heard this one…well let's just say we'd be sunning on a yacht in St. Tropez instead of sitting here in the office. Dinner and some x-rated cuddling afterward? So cliché. Why not have the bedroom action serve as the aftershocks of an invigorating and romantically spontaneous event?

The countdown is on, and if you don't have dinner reservations yet – consider yourself better off without them. Get a clue from some of our YourTango staffers, who dreamed up their ideal Valentine's Day plans that don't include a snooty maitre d'.

"'Travel abroad night': choose a city/country that you've always talked about visiting/vacationing, then buy food (prepare or order in), wine, and music that represents that area. Rent a movie that is from or about the area and settle in to watch with dessert."

"Relaxing and unwinding together. My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this amazing Korean spa that's open 24 hours: We plan to go for a really late-night visit—recline in the sauna, hop in the steam room, take a dip in the sake-infused wading pool, then get massages side-by-side."

"Bowling or rock climbing; some sort of activity that you don't do every weekend. I'm sure there would be cause for some good laughs."

"Just a blanket, my honey, a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and some fresh fruit on the beach, watching the sunrise."

"Volunteering at a soup kitchen... together."

"She loves the movie, Coming To America, where Prince Akeem takes Lisa McDowell to that restaurant in Brooklyn at the Hudson River Cafe, so that's where I'd take my woman out to dinner and to see her reaction."

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"I'd take him to the late night set at a hole-in-the-wall Jazz lounge where there aren't too many people—words can't express how much he means to me, but the perfect riff might just come close."