Natalie Portman And Andy Samberg Appear To Be Dating

Natalie Portman And Andy Samberg Appear To Be Dating

From Monsters and Critics

The 'Closer' actress met the comedian a year ago when they co-starred in a spoof rap video which poked fun at her 'Little Miss Perfect' reputation when she hosted the popular US comedy show 'Saturday Night Live'.

The pair's alleged romance blossomed after Natalie split from long-term boyfriend Gael García Bernal.

Tango’s Take We never believed for a second that good-looking people were serious when they said sense-of-humor was a major turn-on. We always figured that Adam Sandler (and Mike Myers and Peter Sellers and Lucille Ball) landed hotties because of their fame and riches. That just does it. The Dish pledges to be 20% funnier if it could land us a chance with foxy Hollywood super star. There was some good chemistry between Andy and Natalie in their digital short (click here to watch it). She’s the bratty rapping super star, he’s the harmonizing guy dressed as a Viking.

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