George Soros And Queen Noor Are An Item

George Soros And Queen Noor Are An Item


From The New York Daily News By George Rush and Joanna Rush Molloy

They set out to help the world's poor, but along the way, George Soros and Queen Noor may have arrived at a romance.

As they get ready to co-chair a D.C. fund-raiser for Liberia next week, buzz is building that the billionaire philanthropist and the widow of Jordan's King Hussein share more than a passion for open societies.

More and more, you're apt to find Her Majesty at the side of the Democratic Party kingmaker. Last November, she turned up for a lecture he gave at Oxford on "The Consequences of the War on Terrorism." (They drove off together afterward.) Last February, she accompanied him on a four-day trip to Liberia.

Tango’s Take If the west’s liberal billionaires and widows of reformist Middle-Eastern despots can’t get together, then who can? Queen Noor, originally Lisa Halaby, is not the mother of Jordan’s current king, Abdullah II, but is reportedly close with his Highness and his wife. In fact, her son, Hamzah, is currently Abdullah’s heir.
So long story short, they have the means to help solve a number of the world’s problems. But what if there’s more to the romance than love letters and smooches? What if this is Soros’ attempt to get in with a Middle East Monarchy like the Bushes has with the Al-Saud family? OK, enough of the paranoid, conservative fantasy—if these two do-gooder kids are in love, we wish ‘em the best.

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