Researchers Find Link Between Sex And Sleep


By Tamara McLean

CHRONIC sleep deprivation is increasingly damaging the male libido and triggering erection problems, a sex researcher has warned at an international sleep conference. The Brazilian sexual health specialist, Professor Monica Andersen, says the increasing pace of the modern world is taking a toll on hours of sleep and is having a direct knock-on impact on sex. There is an increasing body of evidence showing those who don't sleep enough are suffering lower libidos and, in many cases, are also suffering erectile dysfunction. And in a very few number of men, this lack of sleep is triggering a rare and disturbing condition called sleep sex, or sexsomnia, when their libido is heightened and they initiate sex while asleep. "Not getting enough sleep can be very, very damaging on the male sex life but it seems this hasn't actually occurred to many people," said Prof Andersen, a lecturer at the Federal University of Sao Paulo.

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Tango’s Take The male libido is quickly catching up with pregnancy in terms of bad press. Honestly, you can’t swing a lamp by its cord in a wrecked hotel room without hitting another research report about libido problems. Is it that people want to have sex and make babies later in life that this is an issue? Did dudes forty years ago just accept impotence, E.D. and the whole sad set of circumstances around aging as inevitable? Did they just bear their flaccid crosses in silence? Or is there something else about modern living that brings these issues to light? Is it all of the hormones in our food? Are mobile phones, laptops, and lattes undermining the American male’s wang? Is the new softer, gentler America making men less manly? Are we doomed to have a country of sensitive ’90s guys that just want to watch Grey’s Anatomy, cuddle, and use various medical procedures when the time is right to make a baby? Good God, we need football season to start. Read More Of The Original Article…