In South Africa, 20 Million Potentially Defective Condoms Recalled

In South Africa, 20 Million Potentially Defective Condoms Recalled

From Reuters By Bate Felix

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's health department said Tuesday it has recalled 20 million potentially defective condoms approved by an official accused of taking bribes from a manufacturer.

Unsafe sex is especially risky in South Africa, which has one of the world's highest HIV infection rates with an estimated 12 percent of its 47 million people infected with the virus.

There are up to 1,000 AIDS-related deaths in South Africa every day and free condom distribution is a crucial part of the government's efforts to combat the spread of the epidemic.

Tango’s Take NOT GOOD. The theory goes that STD (particularly AIDS) infection rates will go down dramatically if more people use condoms. Sure, the best way to prevent infection is to abstain, but that’s not terribly realistic. This is particularly important in a country like South Africa, in which extramarital activity is not frowned upon. But when the cure-all, jimmy wrappers, proves to be faulty, then all credibility goes out the window. “Let me get this straight. You want me to wear a rubber, which is like eating a loaf of bread through the bag, and there’s a chance that it won’t work because some corrupt politician bollocksed up the procurement process? I think I’ll stick with the ointment that the witch doctor gave me and hope for the best.” Honestly, if we (as humans) can’t get the process for manufacturing and distributing effective prophylactics down, then there is not much hope for fighting off an alien invasion one day.

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