4 Zodiac Signs That'll Feel It Most When Asteroid Ceres Goes Retrograde On May 15

When the asteroid Ceres is retrograde, it means a wake-up call is near.

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The asteroid Ceres will retrograde on May 15th and station direct on August 26, 2024. Because it is in the cardinal sign of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorns will feel this transit most. 

Ceres carries on some topics and themes from the eclipses in Aries and Libra. Once more, these signs may experience more transformations and come to terms with releasing parts of their former selves. This transit is a time of more nurturing, empowerment and focus on the future. Cardinal placements, this is your year to let the past be and to focus on creating a more welcoming and powerful tomorrow


4 zodiac signs that'll feel it most when asteroid ceres goes retrograde on May 15

1. Aries

Protecting your career, hopes and dreams can be tied to this transit as Ceres stations retrograde. Shifting your outlook allows you to expand and rediscover what fuels your ambitions and passions. You will also see the type of leader you aim to become. With the North Node currently in your sign, you are learning to heal from the past and to become more connected with yourself. If you doubted your confidence and goals, the eclipse cycle would have been a period of awakening and valuing who you are and what you bring to the table. 


Because Ceres will be at the summit of your chart, you are shown what you need to change regarding leadership positions and how to adapt to your changing roles. You may be very content with being independent, but letting people in is essential. The lone wolf persona could only take you so far. Nourish those connections at school, work, and even at home. Your friends and colleagues can be people who not only encourage you but continue to help you evolve.

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2. Cancer

As we prepare for this transit, you can feel its energy promote healing, insight and resolutions to anything that has been a cause of concern for your relationship. How you relate to others has been transforming for the last decade, but Ceres now teaches you how to be there for yourself and honor and respect those limits you have imposed. 

While you sift through the memories from your past in the archive of your mind, you will see where you need to incorporate your self-love and healing. Ceres brings you options and the energy can feel demanding every step of the way, but strength and more optimism can be potent results of this period. You are uncovering your resilience as you reflect on the battles you have fought and emerged victorious. Consider this a reminder to celebrate those successes and continue to welcome more self-love that can help you continue to empower the warrior within.


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3. Libra

Ceres in your chart represents how you build your armor and find the power within to traverse challenges, especially after the eclipse cycle in your sign. Cardinal signs like Libra will deal with aspects of relationships and identity, such as who you are, what motivates you and where you desire to be, during this transit. Alas, you are discovering your independent side this year and are finding ways to feel more empowered. Nevertheless, Ceres retrograde will continue to give you more clues and opportunities for growth because this process is ongoing. Plant those seeds and watch them blossom through the work you have done. 

You may be given many new responsibilities during this transit, but learn how to create wonders that will help you elevate, especially after this Pluto retrograde transit, which will close its concluding chapter in Capricorn later this year. How you rise above and stay tuned with what you need will be essential to continue to thrive.


4. Capricorn

Challenges you face now may be centered on growth and becoming more consistent in your comfort zone. The transit promotes periods of self-reflection but can help you find the right path to best align with your goals. You'll also analyze your relationships during this time as you are still dealing with Pluto retrograde making its way back to your sign. Those impactful relationships will return, pushing you to close the chapter and stories. 

As you shed parts of yourself this year with these pivotal transits, you are asked again about your identity and whether it is centered around a career — a reminder to live true to yourself and free yourself from what society demands from you. Incorporating ways to bring happiness and optimism can help you find your way back to yourself.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.