5 Zodiac Signs With The Rare Combination Of Deep Compassion And Enviable Emotional Fortitude

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Compassion and emotional fortitude are two wonderful gifts that can show how resilient someone is and how much of a problem solver they can be.

Showing others compassion can sometimes help us evolve into better versions of ourselves and it could bring opportunities to make stronger bonds with friends and family. Emotional fortitude can also be something we all are capable of having but experience teaches us how to steer the boat and ride the ever-changing waves of emotions over time.

In astrology, water placements are known to be more compassionate than air placements. However, some signs have a blend of both of these placements depending on how evolved and how each sign reflects these traits.

5 zodiac signs with the rare combination of deep compassion and enviable emotional fortitude

Sun, moon, Mercury, and Venus signs can offer some clues on how compassion and emotional fortitude are woven into our natal chart. 

1. Taurus

When we discuss emotional resilience, Taurus can be viewed as the teacher. The moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus for a reason, meaning that it is easy for them to become the captain of the ship and to help steer others. Experience allows them to navigate the flow of their emotions where they incorporate self-care through acknowledging them.

Those with this placement are also wonderful listeners and can be great communicators, especially if Mercury makes a positive aspect to their sign. Ruled by Venus, they will know when to show others the warmth and care they need while protecting their boundaries since not everyone will be allowed in their circle.

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2. Virgo

As the sister sign of Pisces, Virgos can be emotional. But because they are an earth sign, they know how to mask this efficiently and display both these traits seamlessly. Virgos would rather focus on a task to forget or feel fulfilled when they cannot express themselves the way that they want to. Their work becomes therapeutic for them, similar to Capricorn, but they do this as a way to help others and not themselves.

Virgos are compassionate and usually misunderstood. They are genuinely kind and very caring. However, because they are ruled by Mercury, their words can feel harsh. But when the Virgo cares, they will be honest and would prefer to risk the friendship than lie to the people they care about. On the flip side, they may not respond as well to criticisms from others.

3. Libra

Many people may view them as two-faced and ego-driven but Libras (Venus and rising) have a blend of compassion and emotional fortitude reserved for those they love. Libra represents balance and diplomacy. Libra is famously known as a sign that avoids conflict. But Libra rising, moon, and Venus know how to give love to others and attention when needed.

The Libra rising has the warm energy to bring friends together, while Venus is at home in this sign, allowing the native to display the best of both worlds to others. Venus knows how to protect and be there for their friends and partners. While facing their challenges, their emotional fortitude is witnessed. They are problem solvers and disciplined, especially when their goal is to bring themselves and those around them happiness.

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4. Capricorn

Saturn-ruled Capricorns are strong and commanding to the world; no one would ever know how deeply compassionate this sign is. Emotions for them are expressed in private since they adopt a logical approach when navigating them. However, the evolved Capricorn shows their emotions periodically without fear. Capricorns are soft, warm, and gentle but have created a barrier to keep people out.

They protect themselves at all costs because they know the price that comes with giving your heart carelessly. However, the evolved Capricorn sun and moon will know how to show up for people, even in their leadership positions. At work, they lead while communicating and listening to those they work with. However, at home, it can be challenging to show their vulnerable side, but when they find someone they trust, it can be similar to a fairy tale for them.

5. Sagittarius

The jovial and optimistic Sagittarius is one of those signs that is hard to understand. Sagittarius may give others the illusion that everything is fine, while they battle the dragons and monsters within. As a sign ruled by Jupiter, they can see the victory after the daunting challenges, their emotional fortitude is potent. They know that they can triumph and be successful. Because of this, it enables them to be compassionate and show up for others since they will easily empathize with people.

Sagittarius will take their time to talk to friends, partners, and colleagues and find ways to cheer them up. They are the jesters of the zodiac for a reason and one of the wittiest. Sagittarius has great emotional fortitude and the evolved Sagittarius can apply their wisdom to help others. Sagittarius can rise, continue their path, and learn from their experiences while also uplifting others.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.