2 Zodiac Signs Destined To Fall Head Over Heels In Love Before The End Of 2024

The stars are aligning for two zodiac signs to meet (or have confirmation of) the love of their live by the time 2024 comes to a close.

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For those on a mission to meet "the one" or wondering if they already have, astrology is a great way to not only determine compatibility in all areas of life but also see the best timing for you to meet a partner and have a successful relationship. For one zodiac sign, professional astrologer Carol Starr says that time may be now.

"There is one zodiac sign that is going to meet the love of their life in this year," Starr said in a TikTok video, predicting that Scorpio is that lucky sign. 


2 zodiac signs most likely to meet the love of their life before 2024 ends

1. Scorpio

With Jupiter still in Taurus until May, bringing abundant and exciting energy into your relationship house, Scorpio sun and rising signs have a strong opportunity to meet or confirm the love of their life before the year ends.



There is also a lot of supportive energy from Saturn in Pisces, giving you more security in your relationships. Even with Jupiter entering Gemini, things can still feel promising for Scorpios, allowing you to feel a lot of healing and trusting energy that will enable you to open your hearts to someone worthy, especially after enduring the Saturn in Aquarius transit.


Now is your moment to give your hearts freely because attracting someone who respects, values, and honors you may be easier with Saturn in Pisces aspecting your sign (and relationship houses) and giving you clarity.

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2. Sagittarius

Although there can be challenges with Saturn aspecting Jupiter in Gemini, you can still experience opportunities for love and relationship energy. Jupiter in Gemini brings blessings to your relationship house, making you more optimistic about prospective love interests. The ruler of your seventh house will have its ruler transiting for a year, which may feel out of this world. The people you meet during this time may be aligned with what you want and desire in relationships.

However, there are still challenges along the way, so be patient. Eclipse season can bring much uneasy energy to your relationship houses but plenty of revelations. Jupiter ingresses in the sign of Gemini in May, which could be an eye-opening period filled with growth because you may understand what you seek in relationships. 


While Starr picked Scorpio as the favorite, a few other signs will see their love lives benefit under the astrological energy of this year.

Both Scorpio and Sagittarius suns and risings are the signs most likely to meet the love of their lives this year, but other signs can expect to add more romance to their existing relationships. If they are single, they can meet someone enchanting who brings magic to their world.

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With Jupiter ready to enter your sign in May, you can feel the magnetic energy spark things up for you. April can be a period where you will be offered plenty of opportunities to release those relationships that are no longer working for you and to stop toxic cycles. May, mainly towards the end, could be an exciting period, especially when Venus and Jupiter enter your sign, initiating a powerful cycle that can bring you a lot of luck, even with Saturn keeping you on your toes. The energy continues towards the beginning of June as well. 


Saturn is currently transiting your seventh. Although Saturn has a bad reputation, this can be a promising placement for you, especially with Jupiter in Gemini prepared to make things feel a little less rocky. But you will enjoy what this fellow mutable transit will bring to the table. While the eclipses will help you reflect on what you no longer want in relationships, Jupiter in Gemini will bring you closer to the people who are more aligned with what you seek. There is a lot of honesty here and transparency because with Saturn in your seventh, you can see who is worth your time and who is not.



Saturn in your sign gives you a lot of clarity so that you are not mystified by everyone surrounding you. Jupiter in Gemini will be pretty potent since it will activate your house of relationships through its aspect to Saturn. Having your chart ruler also associated with the ruler of your seventh can bring a lot of excitement for the upcoming year.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.