4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected By The Full Moon In Virgo On February 24, 2024

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On February 24th, the full moon will be in the sign of Virgo.

Because of the moon’s opposition to Saturn, this transit may feel heavy and emotional, but it’s a good time to heal and not focus so much on imperfections. The energy now can feel like a test, especially with Pluto in Aquarius forcing us to evolve.

4 zodiac signs most affected by the full moon in Virgo on February 24, 2024

Mutable signs are going to feel the transit the strongest since this is occurring in the angular parts of their charts. The moon is pushing these signs to focus on success and to continue to build — there is no room for self-criticism if you want to win. Learn from your lessons and continue to thrive.

1. Virgo

Missed opportunities are a thing of the past since this transit brings you new methods to get closer to your dreams. The full moon in your sign does not want you to look back. Instead, you should stay focused and in the present. Close those old chapters and start a fresh page on the next new moon.

Having Saturn opposing your sign will allow for a challenging beginning, but when you overcome and continue to keep things going you will see how your hard work will pay off. However, the past can always be a tool for us since it can help us build our self-esteem once we focus on the work we have done and how we can use what we learn to start again with more wisdom and insight. Virgos should begin to incorporate a little more optimism and learn to embrace who they are and love who they are becoming.

2. Sagittarius

This transit occurs at the highest point of your chart, initiating a pivotal period as you can see the fruits of your labor and reflect on your successes. The moon wants you to maintain the victorious mindset, even if you do not feel that you have made it as far.

With Pluto in Aquarius bringing potent transformation to your self-expression, you can utilize the lessons now to help you build those meaningful relationships in your life that will continue to inspire and help you flourish. There could be a project you initiated during Saturn’s stay in Aquarius that could come back into your life. Editing and revising this piece could be easier now since a plan may have been developed. The moon pushes you to have confidence in the work you create so that when the new moon in Pisces comes, you can continue on this journey to empowerment.



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3. Pisces

With the transit occurring in your relationship house, this is a time of reflection and understanding your romantic partners as well as friends. You are going to be pushed out of your comfort zone as communicating can feel quite challenging now, however, you can still find some confidence with Jupiter still making a sextile to your sign.

If you need to clear things up or forgive someone, you can do so now. For the last year, you have been undergoing your own transformation with Saturn still in your sign pushing you to mature, and this is reflected in the connections you have made. The transit will explore your growth, as you also see yourself gaining the confidence to tackle topics that may have felt overwhelming for you a year ago. It's a period of more transparency and forgiveness.

4. Gemini

The moon in Virgo will bring the focus to your roots, home, and career, pushing you to navigate your emotions. It's a time to rekindle your connection to dreams from the past relating to your career goals. The moon allows you some more chances to keep track of your goals and to build an even sturdier foundation. With the Saturn in Pisces transit, you have witnessed how you are more organized and disciplined.

Saturn may also have transformed how you viewed your dreams; your ambitions may have evolved. You are becoming more connected to your purpose and the transit is going to allow you to continue your climb to where you see yourself. It's a time to come closer to your dreams but you will also have a dose of practicality that will help you have breakthroughs, especially after the new moon in Pisces.

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