Your Custom Color Palette, Based On Your Big 3 And Venus Signs

A viral Twitter thread allows you to visual your zodiac color palette according to your major personal planets.

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According to astrology, each zodiac sign and planet placement exude a certain energy. Combined with color psychology, which studies the influence and effects different colors have on us, there are certain colors associated with the distinct energy of each zodiac sign.

While these zodiac power colors are often focused on Sun signs, in astrology, there are more planet placements that make up our unique personalities. To really know the color combinations that work, we need to take a deeper look at the Sun sign along with the Moon, Rising and Venus signs, and a Twitter thread making it easy to piece together your own zodiac color palette recently went viral.


Twitter user @magstrology, with over 39,000 followers on her astrology memes page, posted a thread assigning Pantone colors to Big 3 placements and Venus signs. When put together, you'll have a color board specifically catered to the vibes your most personal placements give off.

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While your Sun sign represents who you are at your core, it's the broadest personality indicator in astrology and not indicative of your entire being. Including your Moon, Rising and Venus signs in the mix is a sure way to get to the nitty gritty of your personality.  The Moon represents your emotional life and what you need to feel safe, Venus is the planet that represents pleasure, including where and how you find your pleasures, and your Rising sign represents your surface-level personality traits.

As color psychology theorizes, colors have the abiility to "evoke emotions" and "inspire reactions," so putting together your unique zodiac color palette using these placements from your birth chart is a fun way to unconsciously show people who you are, even if they're unfamiliar with the meanings behind each of these birth chart placements.

For example, the Twitter thread caught the eye of former Fifth Harmony singer Lauren Jauregui, who assembled her color palette based on her Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon, Virgo Rising, and Gemini Venus signs.

In addition, each color in @magstrology's list is associated with a flower and includes a Pantone reference number (for example, Libra Sun's Purple Heather Pantone code is 14-3911 TCX) and HEX code (for Libra Sun, the HEX is BAB8D3) so you can use your unique colors to create a full aesthetic across all your social content.


It's a fun way to figure out the vibe you're giving!

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