What To Expect During The Venus Retrograde Shadow Period

During the Venus retrograde shadow period, effects and lessons of the astrological phenomenon surface.

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Venus retrograde periods are a time when we connect with our value system and assess our relationship dynamics.

There is a dreamy and alluring feel to Venus retrograde, especially when it is in our element or sign. When we do the inner work and meet ourselves, it can be a prosperous time because Venus is a benefic that will not shy away from rewarding those who follow its guidance. We see things clearer and can steer away from relationships that serve us no purpose. Loving ourselves is also a jackpot and a blessing after an impactful transit because we are less likely to repeat mistakes in future romantic partnerships. 


What is the Venus retrograde shadow period?

Venus stations retrograde once every 18 months and the retrograde lasts for 40 days and 40 nights — but the Venus retrograde shadow period, which starts when the planet first enters the degree it later returns to in retrograde and ends when it once again passes over the degree at which it first turned retrograde, can actually make the effects of the astrological phenomenon feel like they last much longer.

The shadow is a time where the retrograde has not happened yet or just finished but we are still reeling from the effects of these transits. The period starts a few weeks before retrograde begins and two weeks after retrograde ends.


Shadow periods can feel like finishing a book but not doing the final edits. The process is done but some slight technicalities must be analyzed. It is that quick review period before we can bid adieu to the planet until the next retrograde period begins.

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Venus pre-retrograde shadow period

Before retrograde officially begins, some people can begin to feel the effects during the two-week shadow period. Venus-ruled folks experience the wave of emotions and tensions in their relationships and start to connect with anything Venusian-related before the retrograde.



The Venus pre-shadow period would have been a great time to analyze our value system. For the current Venus in Leo transit, Taurus and Libras would have been the most impacted as well as fire signs, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries placements. Scorpios and Aquarius would have also felt Venus’ chaotic melody.


It's a call to reflect on who we have in our lives, a time to have the tough conversations in our relationships, and a time to rediscover how we love ourselves. 

During this transit and with any retrograde period, taking things slow and analyzing what is bothering us is important. We could easily feel very emotional and not understand why. Looking deep within will help prevent any impulsive actions like yelling and screaming at someone because you were not able to effectively communicate.

Venus retrograde has us pinpointing what flaws are happening in our relationships and what we can do to improve them. Have those conversations, establish boundaries, and be prepared for reconciliations when Venus goes direct.

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Venus post-retrograde shadow period

When Venus stations direct, this energy will help us become more assertive and have a deeper appreciation for our romantic relationships from the past and present.



If you took the time to do the work during the post-retrograde shadow period, it can feel like a graduation ceremony. Either you have ended a relationship that was not working in your favor or the bond between you and your romantic partner was able to get stronger. So even if a breakup occurred during the shadow or retrograde, after acquiring new perspectives and understanding there could be healing and forgiveness after the shadow phase.

When Venus goes retrograde in any sign, it can be a game changer for those in relationships or those who have not given themselves the love and appreciation that they need. Venus shows us where we have failed to give and receive love.


Although it can be a monetary transit, the period is associated with our internal philosophy and a test of our boundaries. Venus wants us to be honest with ourselves, to find our courage and beauty. However, after the transit, this period will teach us how to view love and relationships in a new light. 

Venus aims to bring a rollercoaster of emotions, shattering our old value systems and learning to put ourselves first by rediscovering who we are.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.