7 Ways To Use Gemini Season Energy To Drastically Improve Your Life

Gemini season energy lasts from May 21 - June 20.

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It's time to shake things up because Gemini season is here at last! Officially occurring between May 21 - June 20, this Mercury-blessed season is all about reveling in human connections, good conversations, and making friends wherever you go. 

So here are 7 things you can do this Gemini season to drastically improve your life.

1. Lean into your curious side.

As Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of mischief and communications, the best thing you can do to lean into the blessings of Gemini season is to be more inquisitive and curious. Of course, curiosity sometimes comes with dangers — they do say that curiosity doesn't help the cat. But you are not a cat! As long as you exercise discretion regarding who and what to be curious about and what's too toxic to associate with, you'll be fine. The former will open you up to new adventures, conversations, interactions, and maybe even a fresh opportunity or two. So be curious!


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2. Make new friends.

Gemini and its opposite sign Sagittarius are both known for making friends very easily. The only difference is that Gemini has no problem flitting from circle to circle within a small community for their entire life, while Sagittarius cannot help but always be on the lookout for fresh ground and multicultural friends. 


Your zodiac sign doesn't matter right now though, because one of the best things you can do during Gemini season, no matter what your social preferences might be, is to appreciate the circles you already are a part of and discover that you and your friends have grown significantly since the last time you sat together and had a long chat. In the process, you may be introduced to new friends who were mutual connections all along. Gemini season is perfect for expanding the social circle through networking within existing circles. So lean into it!

3. Brush up your communication skills.

One cannot talk about Gemini and not talk about communication. That's another blessing of Gemini season — it gives us the perfect opportunity to improve both verbal and nonverbal communication skills. After all, the entire world runs on back-and-forth communications of all kinds! You will also discover that it's easier to hone these skills during Gemini season, as Mercury usually removes obstacles, be they external blocks or internal fears.

4. Engage with more than one social circle.

Flitting from one social circle to another is a hallmark of the Gemini zodiac sign. After all, why should you restrict yourself to only one way of thinking or life when there's so much fun to be had in so many different circles? That's Gemini's motto. So lean into this during Gemini season and you'll discover exactly why they say we should not restrict ourselves to echo chambers. You may also discover a new hobby or food you like along the way!

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5. Go on short trips, preferably with friends.

Gemini rules short-distance travel in astrology. So one of the great things you can do during Gemini season is book a short vacation or weekend trip and enjoy yourself! Bonus points if you bring your friends along with you. It doesn't matter whether this is a single night of stargazing, a hike through the woods or a city-hopping extravaganza in pursuit of your favorite popstar — let your fun side take over and be spontaneous. New surprises and good times await!

6. Learn a new language.

Since Gemini is all about communication, another good thing you can do during Gemini season is learn a new language. But not just any language — the one that will enable you to speak and befriend more people in your everyday life. For example, if you live in a multilingual city with a significant population that speaks a language unknown to you, try to learn some basic phrases to facilitate easy interactions. Don't be worried about sounding silly! It's the effort that counts. Plus, there are a lot of apps that allow you to practice with a native speaker without fear of embarrassing yourself in a real social situation, if you're nervous!

7. In love, try to be friends first.

Gemini energy thrives when you engage with people as friends even if you are attracted to each other too. The zodiac sign of the twins may just teach you how to be a team with your significant other or grow a new relationship in the best organic way possible. Just remember: this is not about getting put in the "friendzone." This is about seeing the person you are romantically interested in as a friend so you are more inclined to try each other's hobbies and immerse in each other's cultures and tastes. The result will fall into place as they will!

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