The 3 Zodiac Signs With A Rough Horoscope On Wednesday, April 13, 2022

A real mind bender.

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Lucky number 13 is here, and while we might not feel so lucky on April 13, 2022, we can most assuredly count on the fact that we will be learning valuable lessons today. April 13, 2022, will prove to be rough for the Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn zodiac signs.

The transit lineup today feels specific and somewhat ... negative. We are looking at how certain signs of the Zodiac take to the burdensome effects that come along with Moon trine Uranus, and Moon opposition Venus.


Right off the bat, we can expect a misunderstanding between lovers.

It's not an all-out war, but it's the kind of misunderstanding that has both you and your partner walking away clutching tightly to your pride. It's as if everyone is suddenly more sensitive than before, and offenses come easily and frequently on this day.

This is the day where if you dare to make a silly joke, you better be prepared for an all-out 'emo' reaction; nobody takes anything lightly today, and everyone is hair-triggered into an over-the-top emotional response.

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The main 'flavor' of the day will be about you wanting your love partner to do something for you that they are completely unwilling to do. This doesn't necessarily mean in the bedroom, but it does mean something to do with the actual relationship itself.

Like, you might think that it's about time your partner does 'so and so' and when they tell you, 'no way', you'll both fly off the handle and become so annoyed with each other, that you'll end up sulking off in separate corners of the house.

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The three zodiac signs who will have a rough horoscope on Wednesday, April 13, 2022:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You might just be fine and dandy if only Moon trine Uranus wasn't playing with your head and making you feel confused and hostile towards your romantic partner.

Alas, the Moon trine Uranus is not exactly something you can just wish away, and so you'll be dealing with the side effects of the influence and how it toys with your personality.

It's more of a mood thing that you'll be experiencing today, rather than anything of import, though it will throw both you and your partner off balance.

If possible, try to keep the insults to a minimum today. While you like to shrug it off by saying, "Hey, it was only a joke..." Sometimes, your partner doesn't find your jokes funny, and that's when a joke becomes abuse. Yet, get that into your mind: When a person doesn't want to be insulted by you, yet you keep at it, that's called abuse, not comedy.


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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

To say that you'll be a little touchy on this day is an understatement, when in fact you will more than likely be so temperamental that others will find you too delicate to even bother with. This will most assuredly create tension at home and possibly even trouble with your mate.

Because we have Moon opposition Venus, your love life will be in a state of disturbance; you will be hard to approach and even harder to reason with.

It's as if you wake up wanting a fight, then rescind your offer to argue instantly, leaving the other person feeling attacked and confused.


You want to fight, yet you don't, and this is what your partner is going on today. Keep this in mind, Cancer: this too shall pass, as they say. What makes the day harsh for you is your own perception of it; there's a good chance things are not half as bad as you make them, on this day.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Today is the day when you feel sorry for yourself. You have been feeling a tad resentful when it comes to your partner; you feel they take all the spotlight and that all things must revolve around them.


You feel there's very little 'you' in your partnership, and that the relationship has somehow devolved into 'how to please them' as opposed to a working situation where both parties have a say in the matter.

Your resentment levels are becoming intolerable to you, and it will be today, April 13, that you will blow the proverbial gasket. You are just not in the mood for your partner's endless ego, not to mention their intense need to have everything they want, their way.

Today is the day you cry out for attention — and you get it. So, be prepared to stand your ground, Capricorn. You've come this far, it's time to go all the way. Say what's on your mind. Do it.

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