The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Have The Best Horoscopes On Tuesday, April 5, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Have The Best Horoscopes On Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Three zodiac signs who have the best horoscopes on April 5, 2022, feel the energy of Venus when she enters a new zodiac sign.

As Venus crosses into Pisces, it may be easy to see things as you wish they were instead of how they are. Venus has been at the heart of the significant energy affecting your life since November. 

Between its extraordinarily long time in Capricorn, retrograde and celestial dance with Mars, Venus has been working behind the scenes of your life, affecting everything from your job to your relationship. The planet of love, beauty, and finances shifts into dreamy and romantic Pisces. 

Venus is at her best in Pisces. The only thing you must watch out for is seeing things in a more positive light than they are. 

Even though this is a tendency of Venus in Pisces, based on the themes you have been moving through the past few months, it is unlikely that you will need to live in a dream world. Instead of the significant connection between Jupiter and Saturn occurring, it should help to show you how far you have come with yourself. 

Whenever Jupiter and Saturn meet up, it is a chance to be able to take what you have learned and then translate that into an improved life. 

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The strengths of Venus in Pisces help you rebuild the vision for this new life that is not just based on dreams but to realize you are only after creating changes, so you feel more aligned. 

Mars and Saturn are conjunct, and their combined energies bring intensity to the day. 

Ignoring what you know you need is no longer an option. The only thing you can now do is accept that you have changed, so now your life must. 

Why the Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius zodiac signs have the best horoscopes on Tuesday, April 5, 2022:

1. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

Venus swinging into your zodiac sign today should feel like a breath of fresh air. If you have been struggling to feel that self-love vibe lately, you will start feeling better about yourself and your choices.

Venus in Pisces is more than your relationships, which will undoubtedly improve. She's also about greater acceptance of all the decisions and choices you have made. It helps you become more compassionate with yourself. Instead of having a negative self-prophecy that you fulfill about your career or love life, you will be more inclined to believe this time is different.

As you near the auspicious meeting of Jupiter and Neptune in about a week in your sign, you will start to feel more like the universe is on your side. Why things had to happen in how they did make more sense, and you should begin to feel hope return. Even though Venus in Pisces can make you see things better than they are, it is safe to trust that everything is starting to improve after the recent tests and challenging times. 

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2, Sagittarius  

(November 22 - December 21) 

The Moon is in Gemini today, which means you will feel today's energy most in your relationships and personal life. It becomes apparent that you will need to take that same level of determination you have been putting into work and put it into your personal life. Today you will be more aware of your emotional feelings, whether those you have been trying not to feel or even those that were inconvenient.

It is no longer possible for you to continue as you have been.

This energy will help you to be able to sort out what you need to keep in your past versus what will be traveling with you into your future. Once you let yourself feel everything, you will not be vulnerable to the dark side of Mars and Saturn, which is anger and frustration over your current circumstance. Instead, let yourself see just how much freedom and possibility you do have for your life so that you can feel emboldened to start acting instead of telling yourself that you cannot. 

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3. Aquarius  

(January 20 - February 18) 

Mars and Saturn are in your sign today as the two join forces to help you navigate a demanding situation. The downside of these two planets is that if you have been feeling powerless in your life or even in just a specific area of it, this could lead you to act out at all costs. On the other hand, after recently undergoing so much healing, today's energy can also give you the knowledge and determination to start creating what comes next.

Maybe you will ask for a salary increase to match your worth, open more vulnerably in a relationship, or even bring more forgiveness to yourself. You are entering a point of creation. So much had to be pointed out or removed from your life to get to this space. Do not limit yourself by thinking that anything is off the table. If you believe it is possible, it is. Venus in Pisces offers a positive balance as well, helping you feel more optimistic about things and letting you try dreaming wearing rose-colored glasses, which can help you to be able to create a life that feels good from the inside. 

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