5 Crucial Things Astrology Can Predict About Your Relationship

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Comparing natal charts in a relationship can reveal astonishing information about the two of you and your zodiac compatibility.

In my experience, relationship astrology can be spookily accurate in the hands of a competent astrologer.

A good astrologer looks at your chart, your significant other’s chart, and then compares the two in five different ways. 

5 crucial things relationship astrology can predict about your compatibility

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1. If your planets align or not

Usually, the astrologer will do synastry first. This is a simple comparison of where planets are in your chart vs. where planets are in theirs.

The ways certain planets coincide can reveal how strong your connection is and in which areas of your life you connect the most.

2. How significant your relationship is to you

The astrologer will look at "harmonics." When the astrologer considers everything that aspects each other by 30 degrees in each chart, for example, it’s called the "twelfth harmonic" because 360 (the number of degrees in a circle) is divided by 12 to get 30 degrees.

Each harmonic reflects specific things — the more points in one chart where the other person has a planet in the same place or with a significant angle to it, the more the meeting and the relationship are significant in that person's life. 

This kind of information can prepare you for difficulties in the relationship to come.

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3. If you get along

The astrologer does a "composite," which is a way of combining your two charts into one. 

The most common method is to take the midpoint between the two Suns, the two Moons, the two Venuses, etc. on down the line.

Then the astrologer looks at that one chart and compares it to the natal chart of each person.

The composite tells you how you’re likely to get along, what parts of the relationship will be easy, and where you may have difficulties.

The composite isn't a "real" chart — it's a chart that exists in theory. The astrologer has to correct for some things and some astrologers feel it isn't correct to do predictive astrology with it. 

4. What the purpose of your relationship is

Your astrologer will also cast and interpret a Davison, which is most important. 

The Davison is said to reveal the purpose of the relationship and suggests the future of the relationship when the astrologer computes transits and progressions to it.

If what you want to know most is why a disaster happened with someone, and you have limited funds, have your astrologer cast you a Davison and nothing else. 

Your Davison is created by finding the midpoint between your two birthplaces, birth dates, and birth times, and casting a horoscope for that entity.

The relationship is treated sort of as a person in this chart, which is considered a real chart. Its best use is to tell you what you are in for should you decide to accept that relationship. 

5. The good and bad aspects of your relationship

Most professional astrologers use software that automatically counts the number of "easy" and "hard" aspects between two charts.

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