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Affairs unmask childhood traumas in a way nothing else can. A horrible way to do it, but since I did, why not go on and heal? My new book, Struggling In or With an Affair? A Guidebook is available now.

After I got my heart broken in an emotional affair with a married man, I spent time researching affair-related issues and running a publication called Struggling In or With an Affair? on Medium. There, I corresponded with dozens of people at all three corners of the affair triangle, plus my therapist and the four therapists who read, wrote for, and commented on my publication.

While I was doing this, astrology helped me understand what was going on in my life so well that I became a student astrologer myself, despite being a total skeptic for years. I'm currently in Level One of NCGR's astrology school, studying to become an NCGR-PAA. Astrology and psychology intersect in a lot of fascinating ways. I started writing about that on my website, TheThinkingOtherWoman.com .

Please join me. 

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