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Affairs begin in childhood. You learned the issues that led to your affair, and you can unlearn them.

About P.D. Reader

P.D. Reader is a student astrologer who blogs as The Thinking Other Woman. She used self-help books, videos, therapy, (and, yes, astrology!) to make sense of her affair, her life, and her broken heart, and you can, too.

As a student astrologer, I can only tell you about one client...me.

I dabbled in astrology on and off for a few years, but didn't really understand the discipline. I remember looking at my grandmother's transits for the week she died and noticing the odd mix of extreme gloom and extreme joy.

When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and I looked at his transits two years ahead and saw the same odd juxtaposition, I could compare that with what I was learning about the clinical course of the disease. I predicted he would pass away on Halloween, 2013.

I was one week off.

That experience stayed with me, especially the way it helped me plan my energy and sleep during the last weeks of his life. I knew what kind of time frame I was dealing with, so I knew if I went almost without sleep, for example, the last two weeks of October, I could do it and not worry that I was establishing a pace I'd have to sustain for months. I knew I only had to do it two more weeks, and I could collapse afterwards. (Which I did.)

Fast forward a year and half. After a disaster with a married man, I carried my wounded, weeping, bleeding heart back to my old self-help books, and to astrology sites and books. How could this happen to me? Why did I do this? Why did he do this? What was I to think of myself now, and how could I assimilate this into my life?

I was raised by a mother with borderline personality disorder, a condition which wreaks psychological havoc not only on the sufferer, but also on any minor children in the home. I'd spent years reading anything I could on personality disorders, adult-child-of, and relationship problems, and I thought I knew it all. But learning how to look up simple, free-to-low-cost information in my horoscope, my married ex's, and his wife's sent me back to the psychology books and to therapy with a road map for all I had yet to learn.

I'm happy to say I have a very good understanding now of why this happened to me--all of it, from my childhood to my husband's death right up til yesterday. I may not be happy with all the outcomes of my life, but now they do make sense to me, and I see what the gifts were in all of it.

And, when my married ex contacted me again, I knew it was likely to happen...and I was prepared.

Follow along. I'm going to show you how I did it.

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