The Powerful Meaning Of The 11th Degree In Astrology

Placements at the 11th degree in your birth chart show which areas in life you are not afraid to break the mold.

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Just like the Ascendant, signs and personal planets are essential to the natal chart, the numbers linked to them help unlock another element of the puzzle. Degree theory, created by astrologer Nikola Stojanovic, shows how there is power in numbers.

From 1-30 degrees of the chart, there is an astrological sign linked to a number. For example, Aries is represented by the first degree, Taurus the second, and so on. Once you reach the 13th degree, you start once again at Aries.


Meaning of the 11th degree in astrology

The 11th degree is connected to the sign of Aquarius and the native with this degree will not be afraid to break the mold, leave a powerful impression on others and make a change that will inspire. This placement produces the visionaries, the dreamers, and the ones that will be venerated.

"This is a degree that is commonly found in very successful people and wealthy people, too," astrology and TikTok creator @shawtyherbs explains in a TikTok.



The planet that resides at the 11th degree in your birth chart can show how these traits show up in your life.


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Sun at the 11th degree

Being in the spotlight will not be an issue for the natives with his placement. They can stand out seamlessly and will have a very creative style. It is the placement of the trendsetters and artists. They are drawn to careers that push them to be the best and to stand out.

Moon at the 11th degree

These are the caring and nurturing people that will have the desire to help others and to make changes in their communities. It will be easy for people to gravitate toward them because they sense the native's compassionate and honest nature. They are great listeners, communicators, and protectors.

Mars at the 11th degree

The native knows how to fight for their dreams and have unstoppable resilience. When life knocks them down, they know how to get back up and continue. Having an 11-degree Mars shows someone that knows how to make good connections that will also inspire them.


Venus at the 11th degree

It is a placement that allows the native to tap into their Venusian creativity. They will not be afraid to create works of art that are not conventional. Those with this placement are empowered by their abilities, they know how talented they are and will not shy away from the spotlight.

Mercury at the 11th degree

Connecting with others is essential and those with this placement will be very appreciative of the friends they make. They will enjoy reading about science and technology. They will be extremely curious about the people around them and will want to focus on matters of the collective through their speech.

Pluto at the 11th degree

Evolutions are linked to those who have the 11th-degree Pluto. Through each transformation, they will be drawn to acquiring more knowledge. They are naturally talented in fields that allow them to exert their detective-like nature.

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Jupiter at the 11th degree

Having Jupiter at the 11th degree shows an adventurer and free spirit. Making new friends, and learning about different cultures sparks enthusiasm and motivation. They enjoy being free and independent. They are on a mission to continue discovering and comprehending the world around them.

Saturn at the 11th degree

How to use their innovation to excel. They know how to go after what they want and will not be stopped. The 11th degree is also linked to dreams and the native will be given the fuel to dream big since this is also a degree ruled by Saturn in traditional astrology. Nothing can deter them once they put their plans in motion.

Uranus at the 11th degree

Comfortable in this position, Uranus at the 11th degree shows someone that will achieve and have a passion for perfection. They are in tune with what they want and the direction that they are going. These are the creatives and the ones that want to generate a profound change in the world they live in.

Neptune at the 11th degree

Truly visionaries here with this placement. The native knows how to manifest and bring their imagination to life. They are empaths and will care about others. With the influence of the 11th degree, they will be more structured than the typical Neptune dominant native. They will trust themselves more and their sense of duty will be powerful.


Ascendant at the 11th degree

When the native has their rising sign in the 11th degree, they are curious and will be drawn to the creative or technological fields. They will write about topics relating to the collective. Their words can also hold great inspiration for others. They can amass fans through their writing because it could resonate with them.

Descendant at the 11th degree

Having the DC at the 11th degree sparks creativity and fearlessness in the native. If they are in the field of law, they will be bold like an Aries and not hold back when needed. These are the people that will fight for the underdog and the collective.

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