What It Means To Have Your North Node In Libra

The Lunar Nodes provide a glimpse into your purpose and motivations in life.

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If you want to know your destiny and life purpose, look to your North Node in your astrological birth chart.

It's one-half of the two Lunar Nodes in astrology, which sit diametrically opposite each other in your natal chart. The other half is the South Node, and together, these points can tell you a great deal about yourself, your tendencies, and what you are here to learn in this lifetime.

Today we are focused on the Libra North Node and the Aries South Node.


If one has their North Node in Libra, your life purpose is to learn to work well with others, understand partnerships, and balance personal desires with the desires of those you interact with.

It also means you have your South Node in Aries, and therefore, find it more comfortable when you are working alone, and have a tendency to do as you please, without taking others into consideration.

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Libra North Node / Aries South Node dates

  • Jun 17, 1958 – Dec 15, 1959
  • Jan 8, 1977 – Jul 5, 1978
  • Aug 1, 1995 – Jan 25, 1997
  • February 19, 2014 – November 11, 2015
  • October 15, 2032 – May 22, 2032

Libra North Node traits

The North Node in your birth chart represents your destiny and fate — the path you need to move towards to experience the greatest fulfillment in life.


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Here are the top traits of those with North Node in Libra:

1. Relationship-focused

The lessons of the North Node aren't comfortable to learn. And for a Libra North Node, learning to be more relationship-focused instead of me-centric is a challenge.


But once you are able to shift your mindset and realize that the world is built upon a web of interdependencies, you'll understand the value of being relationship-focused and knowing how to work well with others. This approach benefits everyone and is essential for building healthy communities.

2. Balanced

Libra North Node means you have an Aries South Node, which makes an individual prone to jump to conclusions without looking at all sides of the situation. Thus, your North Node lesson with Libra is to be more balanced and take the time to understand all the facets of the story before you make up your mind or choose which direction you want to go towards.

3. Committed

Libra North Nodes will experience the greatest fulfillment when they are part of a committed long-term relationship. This includes both romantic partnerships and business partnerships.

In fact, a North Node in Libra brings you fortune when you are in a shared business-ownership model with a trustworthy friend, colleague, spouse, etc.


4. Peaceful

Libra North Node also asks you to find peaceful solutions that build relationships and foster connection, instead of burning bridges in a fit of anger.

This can be a hard lesson with your South Node in Aries. But with time and effort, nothing is impossible.

And a Libra North Node will bless you with improved social standing and a positive reputation if you successfully lean into it.

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Aries South Node traits

The South Node represents your past life and what you already know. It is also the point of comfort and soul mates. But if you become too “South Node-oriented,” you can become stagnant and stop growing.


Here are the top traits of the South Node in Aries:

1. Independent

With your South Node in Aries, you are good at going the distance alone. You are good at coming up with solutions on the fly and are fiercely independent.

But you find it difficult to ask for help when you need it and may feel like your pride will get hurt if you do.

2. Assertive

Aries South Node has no problem speaking its mind. They are assertive and know what they want, and have no problem going after it.

But sometimes they can become overbearing and invade people's boundaries and privacy because they refuse to take 'no' for an answer. This can be catastrophic for the Aries South Node in the long run.


3. Aggressive

Aries South Node can become upset easily and start a fight over small things. And though they get over their anger quickly as well, sometimes the damage becomes too big by the time they cool down.

Moving away from this and towards the Libra North Node trait of being more peaceful and willing to hear the other side's story is desirable.

4. Impatient

Aries South Node folks get impatient very easily. This is precisely why they like doing things alone. They find it hard to wait around for others to make up their mind.

But this is not a good excuse in the wider scope of things. After all, you can't build a building with just one person puttering away at it for ten years.


Sometimes one needs to learn to work well with others and motivate them through a leadership role by leaning into the Libra North Node's lessons.

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Balancing Libra North Node and Aries South Node

Having your North Node in Libra does not mean you should forget every lesson or blessing you already possess because of your Aries South Node. It means knowing what to take along with you forward and what you need to leave behind.


For example, people with South Node in Aries find it difficult to work with others and ask for help, which can be catastrophic in the long run in many contexts, including health-related situations, natural disasters, and workplace scenarios.

Leaning into your Libra North Node side in such cases will teach you how to communicate more effectively with people so you can form better relationships and get everyone on board with your plans.

Similarly, the Aries South Node trait of being independent and assertive can protect you from falling in with the wrong crowd and compromising on your personal principles. And when you balance it with your Libra North Node, you will know that you are not the problem and that you can find the right tribe for yourself eventually.

After all, North Node in Libra is all about commitment, and it's best to choose your loyalties wisely.


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