The Unique Personality Traits Of People Born On A Monday, According To Astrology

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Did you know that the day of the week you were born has an impact on your personality just as much as your zodiac sign and your natal chart?

In astrology, each day of the week is associated with one of the major planets (or one of the two luminaries) in our sky. Monday is Moon day, Tuesday is ruled by Mars, Wednesday is for Mercury, Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, Friday is for Venus, Saturday is for Saturn, and Sunday belongs to the all-powerful Sun.

Personality traits of people born on a Monday

Monday is ruled by the Moon in astrology. That's why babies born on a Monday are said to be touched by the moon. Monday-born personalities tend to be introverted and home-oriented. Many people born on a Monday are not very athletic. They are also quite emotional and sentimental in nature. Plus, their physical appearance has a “moon-like” quality to it with big, round eyes, a rounder face, and a shorter or stockier stature.



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People born on a Monday are usually close to their mothers and associate with women more than men, whether consciously or incidentally. Some may even find themselves in careers dominated by women or have a predominantly female clientele. And since the Moon rules midwifery and the female body, a lot of Monday-borns do well in careers like nursing and child care. The only downside is that Monday-born individuals have a very sensitive constitution and tend to fall sick easily.

Monday-born personality in love and relationships

In love and relationships, Monday-born individuals are incredibly loving and caring. But they can sometimes swing from being very attached to a person to abruptly pulling away and needing quiet time and personal space. Some develop a telepathic bond with those they are close to and intuitively know what the other person needs.

Monday-borns tend to come across a lot more soulmates than other weekday babies — both platonic and romantic soulmates. But if they are mistreated while growing up, they can become ice-cold and unforgiving. Their innate talent can also get suppressed because of this.

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Zodiac sign influences on Monday-born people

Monday-born Aries

Monday-born Aries are not as athletic or energetic as other Aries. They can also suffer from anger-management issues if they feel like their circumstances or body limits them from doing everything they want to. But if they are well cared for, they become mild-mannered adults and have a friendly disposition.

Monday-born Taurus

Monday-born Taurus are at their best when they are resting and relaxing at home and don't have to interact with people outside. They love decorating their home and are big foodies. They are very close to their mother.

Monday-born Gemini

Monday-born Gemini are of two kinds: the creative kind who become well-known for their eccentric art or writing, and the kind who seem to be having a hard time adjusting to Earth. The latter kind can sometimes develop mental illnesses and require special care.

Monday-born Cancer

Monday-born Cancer are the healthiest when they are born. Some even turn out to be extra plump babies. They love being around people and have a happy personality.

Monday-born Leo

Monday-born Leos always need to be the leader. And if they are not picked as one, they choose to walk (and work) alone. They are quieter than Leos born on other days of the week. They also have a distinct fashion sense and style. But if they are not allowed to dress themselves as children, they rebel when they grow older and may choose fashion as a career path.

Monday-born Virgo

Monday-born Virgo's playground experiences leave a huge impact on them. The kind of games they played always influence their career choice later. For example, if they play a lot in the sand pit, they may choose to become an adventurer or researcher.

Monday-born Libra

Monday-born Libras are exceptionally beautiful and have an angelic appearance when they are kids. Some may even look like little cherubs. They are easygoing and friendly but don't overshare details about their private life.

Monday-born Scorpio

Monday-born Scorpios are incredibly secretive and observant. They don't like interactions with other people and usually hate physical contact, especially when they are kids. They do well when they have a pet they are close to.

Monday-born Sagittarius

Monday-born Sagittarians are a riot, but many tend to break their bones a lot when they are young. They are very chatty and fun to be around.

Monday-born Capricorn

Monday-born Capricorns are reserved even as a child and tend to be shy and introverted. A lot of them love math and are usually firm believers in tradition.

Monday-born Aquarius

Monday-born Aquarians are loners from childhood. Some intentionally reject socializing. Their parents may even feel like they are waiting to grow older so they can leave the nest.

Monday-born Pisces

Monday-born Pisceans are the apple of their family's eyes. They are pleasant to be around but not very talkative. They can be timid. But show spurts of courage and boldness. A lot of them are naturally-gifted artists or painters.

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