How Having Mars In Scorpio Affects Your Life And Relationships

Those with Mars in Scorpio are known for being determined, vindictive, disciplined, and fearless.

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Mars is the planet associated with war, and in astrology, the Mars sign represents your will, drive, sexual energy, and how you deal with anger.

Mars rules the signs of Aries and Scorpio in traditional astrology. The red planet is at home in both of these powerful signs because it is where the energy is channeled best. While Aries may act impulsively, Mars in Scorpio knows how to play the long game. Mars in both signs is victorious, freedom-seeking, and wants to find a love that makes them bring out their passionate and romantic side.


Mars in Scorpio traits

Those with Mars in Scorpio can be known for being determined, vindictive, disciplined, and fearless.

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Scorpio is a tactician and will learn how to analyze and observe their opponents. They do not shy away when they have their eyes on a prize. They will do what it takes to be victorious.


In relationships, Mars in Scorpio knows what they want in a partner and when they have their sights set on someone, they can usually seduce and make their partner fall in love with them. While they can be more methodical with work, school, and other aspects of their lives, Mars in Scorpio can sometimes be very impulsive in their pursuit of love, which can cause problems down the line.


Mars in Scorpio is a formidable placement because they can have strong tempers. If they have not matured, this can translate into bursts of anger when they are not getting their way. The native needs to channel this energy into sports, a hobby, or meditation.

The anger of Mars in Scorpio can rival that of an Aries. However, Mars here can learn to cool off, especially if they have evolved. The unevolved Mars in Scorpio can appear childish and impulsive while the evolved Mars in Scorpio is cool, calm, and always a step ahead. The evolved Mars will know how to move on from an argument or disagreement and may even implement diplomacy, but they will not forget if they have been wronged. 

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Sexuality and relationships

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, making it a romantic and adventurous sign. It is easy for them to have magnetic and captivating personalities. However, contrary to popular belief, Mars in Scorpio is not usually as obsessive as the partners that they attract. Mars in Scorpio can attract partners that match their energy, so they can be possessive of the Scorpio Mars native once they are in a relationship.

If Mars in Scorpio is not keen on communication, it can build more insecurities in their partners because they can always be suspicious of them, assuming that Mars is hiding something from them. Mars in Scorpio needs a partner they trust to reveal their scars and vulnerabilities. Their relationships can start passionately and focus on the physical. However, if they are not aligned with their partners emotionally, Mars in Scorpio can slowly pull away and leave their partners feeling emotionally cold and confused.

Mars in Scorpio can meet many interesting people along the way, but for them to truly be in a relationship that fulfills them, they must learn to be more patient when it comes to pursuing their partners. Mars in Scorpio should prioritize getting to know their partner on a friendly level before committing to anything serious. Because Mars in this sign is so alluring and romantic, their passion can lead them to enter a relationship that is not what they envisioned for the long term. Going slow and understanding what they truly want in a partner can work in their favor.

Mars here needs to learn to be ok with being emotional and vulnerable. At times they can be in a fulfilling relationship but may still feel apprehensive about opening up to the person that they love. However, once Mars in Scorpio can become more confident and empowered to share and be heard, it can help their relationship to evolve into something better. Of course, they must first build a foundation based on trust and respect in their relationship before revealing their vulnerable side.


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