The Major Differences Between Aries Sun, Moon And Risings

Sun, moon, and rising signs reflect the same energy of a zodiac sign but in different ways.

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Aries sun, moon, and rising signs reflect the same fiery energy of the zodiac sign but express it differently.

The sun sign acts as a toolbox that teaches us about our identity, while the moon rules emotions and what brings us comfort and rising signs dictate our path through the influence that personal planets make. Each placement has a remarkable quality that can help the natives evolve and connect with the treasures of that sign.


Aries is an exciting sign with many sides and qualities that can even rival an air sign. There are many gifts that the following placements can give the native. 

The major differences between Aries sun, moon and risings

An Aries sun will learn to be in command and realize their independence is vital as they grow older. An Aries moon will be more romantic with the prospect of triumphing in a career. They will also be fiercely protective of those they love. Meanwhile, the Aries rising will be able to transform their path once they unlock their confidence and learn to love themselves. 

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Aries is synonymous with identity, and when these natives value, explore and understand that they are incomparable, it will open doors for them.

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Aries sun

The sun is exalted in this sign since Aries is a go-getter, ambitious, charming and a natural leader. There are many other qualities, but the sun here radiates and seamlessly takes control, usually without any need for validation. The native with this placement may be viewed as aggressive or assertive since this is a placement for the ambitious types, especially if they have strong 10th house or Saturn placements. 

As a cardinal sign, they know how to keep things flowing. The momentum rarely stops, and once Aries has a goal locked in their mind, they will try to accomplish it until the end. Aries knows how to aim for the sky. They will do it if they need to capture a star from the heavens. There is no limit to their ambition, but they need a strong Saturn to get them going. Even at their lowest, they can bring out the energy of the phoenix, experiencing a rebirth to fight for victory and resilience. 


The sun is powerful, emotional and explosive, but at the end of the day, Aries knows how to fight a war and can love harder than their adversaries.

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Aries moon

Nothing beats the momentum of the Aries moon. Here, the moon will display some powerful qualities similar to the sun. They are as emotional, protective and fearless as can be when it comes to getting where they want. The Aries moon native knows no limits, and when they get emotional, it can be a catalyst for explosive energy that may need to be controlled occasionally. 


Patience is one important virtue, and the Aries moon native will have many lessons throughout their life teaching them to keep calm, cool and in control. However, they still shine and dominate with their presence, even with the explosiveness. They can be prone to temper tantrums from the pressure, but they know how to keep their moon's needs satiated through winning. The ram knows no bounds and seeks opportunities to continue on their path to victory, even when they are drying the tears from their eyes.

Aries rising

Another powerful placement, the Aries rising placement can bring many gifts to those who have it, especially when there is an excellent aspect to Saturn or Mars placement in this chart. When the Aries rising begins to see that they can be invincible, they will become prominent rivals for those who want to block their path to eminence. With Capricorn at the highest point in their chart, this shows someone who will be hard working and has a tough time giving up. 

Even with planets in detriment, Aries risings will know they can transform their lives when they set a good routine with Virgo in the 6th house and learn how to communicate their needs and be transparent with Venus ruling their 7th. This is the placement of respectable and knowledgable leaders who can make excellent teachers with Sagittarius in their 9th. 

Aries risings have the recipe in their chart to build greatness. Of course, to tap into their chart's wealth and power, they need to exercise patience and work hard from the ground up.


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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.