How To Find The First Letter Of Your Soulmate's Name Using Vedic Astrology

Calculate your Vedic astrology chart to gain invaluable insight into your future.

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Vedic astrology originated sometime between 5000 to 10,000 B.C. in the Indian subcontinent. Unlike Western astrology, Vedic astrology follows the sidereal system of using constellations and planets to make accurate predictions about one's future and life.

One of the things vedic astrology can help you predict is the name of your life partner — more specifically, the first letter of your spouse's name.


To do that, you need to first pull up your Vedic astrology birth chart (also called Lagna chart) using a free birth chart calculator. Make sure to put in your exact time of birth and place of birth to get accurate results.

How to find your Vedic astrology soulmate

Vedic astrology charts look very different from the zodiac wheel of Western astrology, represented by a square within a square. The inside square looks more like a flower. This is the part you need to focus on.

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Your first house is the top segment of this square flower. It has ASC written in it, which means “ascendant,” or your rising sign. The number written inside this segment is the zodiac sign of your first house, ruled by the following:

  • 1 – Aries
  • 2 – Taurus
  • 3 – Gemini
  • 4 – Cancer
  • 5 – Leo
  • 6 – Virgo
  • 7 – Libra
  • 8 – Scorpio
  • 9 – Sagittarius
  • 10 – Capricorn
  • 11 – Aquarius
  • 12 – Pisces

1. Locate your 7th house.

To find the name of your life partner, look to the flower segment directly beneath the ASC house square. This is your seventh house. The number written in this segment is the ruling sign of your seventh house. So, if the number three is written here, you have Gemini in your seventh house.

2. Find the Lord of your 7th house.

This is the equivalent of the planetary rulers of each zodiac in Western astrology. The only difference is that Vedic astrology does not use the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, as those were only relatively recently discovered. Here's a list of the lords of each zodiac sign according to Vedic astrology, including the Vedic astrology name of each zodiac sign in case your birth chart doesn't mention the Western names.

  • Aries (Mesha) – Mars
  • Taurus (Vrishabha) – Venus
  • Gemini (Mithuna) – Mercury
  • Cancer (Karka) – Moon
  • Leo (Simha) – Sun
  • Virgo (Kanya) – Mercury
  • Libra (Tula) – Venus
  • Scorpio (Vrishchika) – Mars
  • Sagittarius (Dhanu) – Jupiter
  • Capricorn (Makar) – Saturn
  • Aquarius (Kumbha) – Saturn
  • Pisces (Meena) – Jupiter

To find the name of your life partner, you need to locate the lord of your seventh house. For example, if the number 9 is written in your seventh house in your birth chart, then you have Sagittarius in your seventh house. And as per the chart above, the lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter. So you now have to find where Jupiter is in your chart.

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3. Locate the ruling planet of your seventh house.

Vedic astrology charts highlight the position of your planets and luminaries in the following way:

  • ASC – ascendant/rising
  • Su – Sun
  • Mo – Moon
  • Me – Mercury
  • Ve – Venus
  • Ma – Mars
  • Ju – Jupiter
  • Sa – Saturn
  • Ra – Rahu/North Node
  • Ke – Ketu/South Node

So, going with the above example, if you want to find Jupiter, just look for the segment where “Ju” is written in the chart.

4. Determine the zodiac sign of the number associated with your 7th house lord.

Next, check the number written in the segment where the lord of the seventh house is located. Use the charts above to determine the zodiac sign associated with the number and the lord of this zodiac sign. This lord is also called the “depositor.”

Continuing with the example above, if Jupiter (“Ju”) is in a segment with the number 5 written in it, you need to find the lord of Leo because Leo is number 5. And as per the second chart above, the lord of Leo is Sun. So Sun is the depositor of the seventh house lord Jupiter in this example.

You have collected most of the puzzle pieces now. You just need a few last things before you can figure out the first letter of your life partner's name.


5. Write down the nakshatra and depositor of your 7th house lord.

If you used the above link to generate your Vedic astrology birth chart, you will find your chart details in tabular form underneath the segmented lagna chart. Find the “nakshatra” of your seventh house lord and its depositor from this table and write them down. You also need to write down the “nakshatra lord” of your seventh house lord, and then locate the corresponding nakshatra of that nakshatra lord.

For example, if the seventh house lord is Venus and its depositor is Mercury, check the table and write down the nakshatra of both Venus and Mercury. Then check the “nakshatra lord” of Venus (the seventh house lord) and the corresponding nakshatra of that planet.

6. Determine the initials associated with those nakshatras.

Now use the following table to write down the initials associated with each of the three nakshatras you have written down.

  • Ashwini – C
  • Bharani – L
  • Krittika – A, E, U
  • Rohini – V, O
  • Mrigashira – V, K
  • Ardra – G
  • Punarvasu – K, H
  • Pushyami – H, D
  • Ashlesha – D
  • Magha – M
  • Poorva Phalguni – T
  • Uttara Phalguni – P
  • Hastaa – S, N
  • Chitra – P, R
  • Swati – R, T
  • Vishaka – T
  • Anuradha – N
  • Jyeshtha – Y
  • Moola – Y, B
  • Poorvashada – D
  • Uttarashada – B
  • Shravana – S
  • Dhanistha – G
  • Shatabhisha – G, S
  • Poorvabhadra – S, D
  • Uttarabhadra – D, J, C, T
  • Revati – D, C

Depending on your birth chart, you will have one or more nakshatras and their associated initials on hand right now.


For example, if the nakshatra of your seventh house lord is Vishaka, the nakshatra lord of Vishaka is Jupiter, and the nakshatra of both Jupiter and the depositor of the 7th house lord is Swati, then your life partner's name will most likely begin with the letter R or T.

With this method, you can have up to three nakshatras and their associated initials predicting the name of your spouse. The first letter of your life partner's name will be one of these initials.

Also, if you have a mutable sign Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces in your seventh house, your spouse will have a middle name. This can clue you into the cultural background of your potential life partner.


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