How To Find The 'Best' Planet In Your Birth Chart & Use It To Your Advantage

While each of us has every planet in our astrology birth chart, there is a specific planet that has the most favorable influence.

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Hellenistic astrology teaches us the impact of the ruler of sect in Day and Night time charts. Day charts have more alignment with the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn. Meanwhile, night-ruled charts have the Moon, Venus, and Mars backing them.

The benefic planets Venus and Jupiter are typically associated with luck since they tend to serve as catalysts for abundance and generally a more favorable influence depending on the house that they are transiting. Jupiter is known for its expansive qualities and its connection with learning. Venus is tied to values and how we love. However, the impact of these planets will depend on your sect ruler and sometimes your ascendant lord.


How to find the 'best' planet in your birth chart

To reveal whether Venus or Jupiter is your "best" planet, astrologer Zoe Cardiff explained in a TikTok video that it's essential to determine whether you have a day or night chart, which you can do using a free birth chart calculator. If you were born in the daytime, “your sun was above the horizon (above the AC/DC axis) when you were born," Cardiff said, which makes Jupiter your best planet. Those with a night chart, on the other hand, have Venus as their best planet.



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Day chart 'best' planet: Jupiter

For the natives with a day chart, Jupiter is their teammate and helper. In her video, Cardiff gives the reminder that transiting Jupiter lasts a year, which is a lot more exciting compared to Venus, which only transits a house for several weeks (unless it’s retrograde). Depending on where transiting Jupiter is, that represents not only the theme of the year but the place where you will see the expansive qualities of the planet.

For example, a Jupiter in the first house transit can help boost confidence and bring more optimism, while Jupiter in the seventh can elevate your romantic prospects or current relationship. The planet of abundance can help us grow and learn more about the transiting house.

Night chart 'best' planet: Venus

For those with night charts, Venus is their teammate. There are certain advantages to this placement because Venus moves faster than Jupiter, so there can be different areas of your chart where you notice the blessings more, even if the transit is not as long-lasting.

Nevertheless, Venus brings a flow of energy that can help ease any tensions associated with the house it transits, especially when it is in a cardinal-ruled house. For example, Venus in the sixth house can help the native gain more discipline while Venus in the 11th can bring new goals and people into your life. The position of the planet can spark the energy of the house its transiting.


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Both Venus and Jupiter can bring positive energy, which helps when malefics like Mars and Saturn transit.

These planets help us gain more confidence and understanding while evolving our ideologies.



Benefics bring positive influences in any chart and other factors can impact them. Learn to embrace them both and see how they can bring some healing and changes to the houses they transit.


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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.