How The 8 Most Transformative Astrology Transits In March 2024 Will Affect You

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March madness or March mayhem! The energy this month is both invigorating and eclectic, and it's all because of some major astrology transits in store for us this month.

Here are the most transformative March 2024 astrology transits and their effects.

1. Mercury leaves Pisces and enters Aries on March 9

We kick off the month with a big shift on March 9 when Mercury leaves Pisces and starts its new turn around the zodiac wheel in Aries. Prepare to feel different on this day (and the days that come after) because Mercury might be small, but its influence is mighty through its impact on our intellect and intelligence. You will be more enthusiastic about new ventures and making new friends, but you may find it difficult to be patient or well-considered in your actions.

Fire signs can expect some good changes during this period, especially Aries sun and rising signs, as we also have the North Node in Aries right now.

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2. The month's New Moon in Pisces is on March 10

Right after Mercury's new season in Aries, we will experience this month's New Moon in Pisces on March 10. So if you haven't got any plans yet, make some right now to do a manifestation ritual on this day. Crystal magic will also be heightened during this period so you can use them as ingredients in your manifestation work.

Interestingly, with Pisces season well underway and the New Moon in Pisces, some zodiac signs will discover hidden talents and psychic abilities — so don't be surprised if you are one of them! Your intuitive senses may ping you more than usual and reveal to you the great potential you have inside.

3. Venus enters Pisces on March 11

The planet of love and luck, Venus, will enter Pisces on March 11, just the day after the New Moon in Pisces. So expect powerful changes!

In fact, those of you who want to manifest love will benefit if you do your new moon ritual on this day after Venus officially enters Pisces. The energy will make it easier to bring your wishes to life, and quicker too. Also, some of you may find yourself inspired more than usual during this period. So keep a notepad or notes app handy so you don't miss out on those genius ideas and inspiration!

4. Sun enters Aries on March 19, kicking off Aries season

We have an important day coming up on March 19, 2024. It's the Vernal Equinox, a.k.a the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere or the autumn equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. It's also the day when the Sun officially enters Aries, kicking off Aries season and beginning a new zodiac year.

Given the importance of the day, it's not surprising that many cultures around the world celebrate the Vernal Equinox through community activities, bonfires, and other gatherings. So make time for your special people on this day and allow the cosmic energies to imbue your lives with good fortune and luck.

If you feel called to, sink into deep meditation for at least fifteen minutes (if not more). You may receive some intriguing insights from your subconscious mind too!

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5. Mars leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces on March 22

There's an interesting coincidence in store for us in March 2024. As mentioned earlier, Venus will enter Pisces on March 11, while its more masculine counterpart Mars will enter Pisces on March 22. The master numbers combined with the highly spiritual nature of Piscean energy makes this transit extra significant for those people who are on a journey of self-discovery and soul growth and transformation.

Interestingly, this shift will occur during Aries season. So don't be surprised if you suddenly decide to explore a new spiritual practice or block off your calendar for an extended spiritual pilgrimage. The weird will be the normal. So make sure to set aside your blinders and truly see the world around you for what it really is. Just be wary, as Mars in Pisces has a tendency to stoke our escapist habits and make them seem more adventurous than foolhardy.

6. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of the Full Moon in Libra is on March 25

A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth blocks off the Sun's rays from reaching the Moon, but only partially so. It always happens on a Full Moon day, and this time it's in the zodiac sign of Libra and occurring on March 25.



This will have some dire consequences for people who derive their bread and butter from public appearances, stage entertainment, and so on. They may suddenly face challenges to their authority or legitimacy or may find their manifestations delayed. Union strikes are also a possibility.

Also, since the lunar eclipse will occur so close to the end of the first quarter of 2024, the effects will be felt in the next quarter as well. So make sure to be more careful during this time and cross your i's and dot your t's properly.

7. Pallas retrograde begins on March 29

The asteroid Pallas in astrology represents your innate talents in arts and capacity for wisdom, intuition, and justice. So when Pallas goes retrograde in Sagittarius on March 29, there might be some hesitation within the collective towards engaging with the wider world. The desire to pull in and cocoon in what's comfortable may also become more heightened, especially in political and religious spheres.

Interestingly, you will benefit a lot during this period if you turn to self-reflection and ponder upon your relationship with the ideas of justice, creativity, and intuitive knowing.

In fact, the zodiac signs blessed with heightened intuition or psychic abilities may discover hidden aspects of their gifts during this time if they choose to turn inward. A good journaling question for this is: What's the wisdom hiding within your own soul?

8. Vesta enters Cancer on March 31

Finally, we wrap up the month with an intriguing astrology transit on March 31 when Vesta enters Cancer after its stint in Gemini. As an asteroid of devotion, Vesta's energies work well in the zodiac sign of Cancer. After all, Cancer knows a thing or two about being devoted to what you love (and also your home).

Vesta's transits can make us confront our soul's purpose and what stokes that inner fire and what diminishes it. In Cancer, this asteroid will make the collective think about what makes a family a family and what makes a home a home. Is it something concrete or something abstract? Do you find joy in being selfless or do you believe balance is the best and most-loving approach?

Vesta in Cancer can also make people choose a more homely life away from the cutthroat competition in the career sphere. Just make sure such desires are truly your own and not forced on you by selfish folks!

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