Gemini Mothers: Best & Worst Traits And Parenting Style

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When those born under the Gemini zodiac sign become mothers, being aware of their strengths and weaknesses can help cater to successful parenting methods. Here is what you need to know astrologically about child-rearing.

Gemini is one of the signs ruled by the planet Mercury, which concerns our speech and thinking. Unless something else in the chart prevents it, you are a born communicator and a person who typically looks at all sides of the equation when making a decision. You are generally fair and high-minded, and a basically upbeat, positive and intelligent individual.

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Gemini mom strengths

Being a communicator you will in all likelihood foster a positive communication style with your kids. It has been said that sometimes a Gemini mother knows what her child is going to say before he or she even says it!

With Mercury as your ruling planet, you will foster your child’s creativity and interest in everything around them. In all probability, you will be a stickler for education and anything else that increases their curiosity and ability to learn. Your goal will be to create a thinking, curious and creative individual who can think outside the box.

It is important to you to feel as though you are friends with your children, not just a parent. You will increase this bond by creating surprises and planning fun things to do, trips and unusual adventures that will delight and inspire your child. You have the most youthful spirit of the zodiac and while your biological years may increase, you will never really grow oldand always try and keep the spirit of adventure and inquisitiveness alive in yourself and your children. You may, in fact, be the hippest mother around.

Being a highly social person you will welcome all of your children’s friends. Your home will always be full of life, and your house could soon become the kid magnet of the neighborhood. Since it takes a great deal to bother you or make you angry you will probably leave the children to their own devices with only a few rules dealing with safety concerns. As a result of your reputation as a very cool mom, children will want to come to your home as an outlet for fun, friends and great conversations. You may even interact with the kids in fun games or anything that will generate their curiosity.

You will be very flexible when it comes to raising children and you are by nature very tolerant of others. You will not be very strict with your children since you believe this will curtail their learning opportunities and creativity.

You are, on the other hand very protective, and can quickly spot any individual that you believe does not have your child’s best interest at heart. If this is the case, you will have no trouble carefully explaining this to your child. While you are all about curiosity and education, this does not extend to anything that does not meet your personal criteria for a positive and uplifting experience.

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Gemini mom challenges

Being a Gemini, you are a highly social person and thrive on interaction with others. While you love your child, a Gemini without outside stimulation soon becomes a very unhappy person. Taking care of children day after day with no breaks will not really be healthy or a positive experience for Gemini.

To keep this from happening you will need to schedule weekly days out, and find a reliable individual to take care of your child. Even though you are (or will be) a mom, it is important to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances you are connected to because otherwise you will become bored and resent nonstop childcare duties which will drain your energy and make you restless. A good mom is a happy mom.

One of the more challenging traits for the Gemini mom relates to the fact that you are so open to information that you sometimes come across as inconsistent or changeable. This primarily happens because of your tendency to look at situations from all angles. Being a fair and balanced individual you want to make the best decisions with the latest information you have. While being open and fair-minded is a great quality it is also one that children can sometimes take advantage of especially if they sense any lack of commitment to what you are saying at the time. This can cause them to push your role as the parent in charge to the limit and create disciplinary problems if you are not careful. 

Being a mutable sign means you are highly changeable. You may have to watch this tendency to avoid confusing your child since they have not yet come to understand the value of changing plans or rules with new information and this can leave them feeling confused or they may challenge your authority if you come across as extremely changeable.

Since you Gemini, are such a highly cerebral person you place a great deal of emphasis on the mind and learning. This is all good and fine, but as a mutable air sign, you may sometimes come across as aloof or detached from your child.

Young children operate off their senses more than adults, especially on a physical level. Gemini shows affection through communication, discussions and teaching children about new and unusual subjects. Just make sure you include plenty of hugs, kisses and physical affection with your child along with learning, creating and having fun, and raising a child should be a great experience. 

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