What Makes A Gemini Mad?

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What Makes A Gemini Mad?

Geminis are sociable and funny zodiac signs, that is until you make one mad.

Born between May 21 - June 21, these signs like being spontaneous and fun, but don't underestimate the power of the twin's temper.

What makes a Gemini mad?

When a Gemini gets upset, it’s because they have a reason, and trust me, it's likely a good one.

Geminis don’t like to get angry but every zodiac sign has a limit to what is tolerable.

When someone has pushed them a bit too far that’s when a Gemini isn't afraid to stand up for themselves.

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If a Gemini is mad at you, they have thought a lot about their anger.

Geminis always think about whether or not to be upset at you or others.

The worst thing a Gemini can do to you when they are angry is to leave you from a group if that’s a group of co-workers or best friends.

They will try and get other people on their side.

The best thing you can do when a Gemini is mad is to try and have a civil conversation with them.

They will want to talk about their anger and frustrations and that will help them feel better and help you understand their anger.

Sometimes it's scary when a Gemini is mad at you because they aren’t afraid to call you out and back up their points with facts.

You’ll find it hard to rebuttal.

Before starting a fight with Gemini try and reflect on why it is they’re mad at you and have a conversation with just you and them.

Don’t let it get out of hand because a Gemini will want an apology from you if it’s your fault.

If they are mad at you, they will appreciate you coming to them and asking to talk it out.

A Gemini has so many things going on in their life and in their head to be mad for a long time or hold any grudges.

The less time you take to apologize then the better.

Here's what makes a Gemini mad per astrology:

1. Hurt feelings

Hurt feelings are one thing that makes a Gemini mad.

If you embarrassed a Gemini or hurt their feelings, they will get mad at you.

If you in any way made a Gemini feel less smart or funny and did something to hurt their ego or personality, a Gemini will get upset.

And, they will be mad at you for a bit.

If you come and attack what’s most personal to them and hurt them in any way about their ideas or thoughts then they won’t be okay with that.

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2. Disrespect

You treated Gemini like they were stupid, they will get mad at you.

This is the ultimate worst thing you can do to a Gemini.

If you tried to even make it a joke about hurting Gemini’s intelligence, then they would get upset and pissed at you.

It’s never something a Gemini takes lightly.

Be warned because if you do that to them, they will fire back and make you feel even more stupid.

3. Shutting down

If you ignore a Gemini it can make them mad.

If you’re the one who’s upset with a Gemini for whatever reason, the worst you can do is to ignore them.

They will in turn be mad at you for ignoring them.

A Gemini is always willing to talk through problems before getting aggressive or angry.

Always say something if you are upset or annoyed with them.

Don’t be passive-aggressive or that will backfire on you.

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4. Steal the limelight

You were the center of attention.

This is something that you can’t help, but if you do it maliciously, that will make a Gemini mad.

They enjoy being the center of attention, and if you’re a Leo or someone who steals that away from them, they won’t like it.

Sometimes you have to give them their little moment to shine even when you don’t want to.

If you aren't prepared to face some Gemini anger.

5. Insensitivity

You unintentionally hurt their feelings.

Sometimes you can just say something to a Gemini to try and help them or point something out.

But if they already knew about it, then they will be insulted that you thought they didn’t know.

It might be out of the blue that they get angry or pissy with you but try to apologize.

Say you didn’t mean to hurt their intelligence.

Say something.

That’s always something they will be sensitive about so don’t worry too much about it.

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