What It Means If You Have Natal Black Moon Lilith In Leo

Black Moon Lilith in Leo is extremely magnetic.

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Black Moon Lilith was first observed around 1720. Astrologically, Lilith is not a planet but a point in your natal chart. She reflects almost no light and can only be seen when transiting the face of or totally opposite the Sun.

In astrology, Lilith represents that which is mysterious, hard to understand and relates to the darkness in human nature. Where Lilith is located in the natal chart and the aspects she makes to other planets can indicate where our greatest frustration and vulnerabilities lie stemming from poor choices or circumstances that were beyond our control. Lilith and where it is located in the chart can represent the reaping of karmic consequence for avoiding authentic expression of self and persisting in egocentric, inappropriately idealistic or exploitative behaviors that bring about a downfall to ourselves or others.


Black Moon Lilith in Leo meaning

Black Moon Lilith in Leo takes on a dramatic flair and the creative life force is encompassed in the desire for self-expression. Black Moon in Leo is extremely magnetic and generally has a fascination for larger-than-life situations which can at times be their downfall.

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Leo is the entertainer, the artist and the diva. If you have Black Moon in Leo it is imperative that you find a creative outlet of expression to serve Lilith’s demands and urge toward the dramatic.

Perhaps the biggest lesson for Lilith in this sign is that you can’t love others fully unless you love yourself first.

Ego can also destroy a person with Lilith in this sign, and this is something that must be mastered to gain control of the dark side of Lilith. Ego problems can be self-imposed or may come in the form of powerful people who impose limits or in some way limit Lilith’s creative expression in the world.

Black Moon Lilith in Leo and relationships

Leo is an emotive sign and these emotions must be expressed in some larger-than-life manner. Often, the target of this expression comes through romantic love.


Leo rules the fifth house of love as well as the heart (both literally and metaphorically), and Leo is generally unhappy without love. Yet, with Black Moon Lilith in Leo, problems concerning love are bound to occur and perhaps result in some of the greatest challenges and even betrayal depending on what else if anything Lilith aspects in the birth chart as well as in synastry. The primal creative force in Leo is either encouraged or accepted in a relationship, or it is repressed. If it is repressed, Leo will ultimately enter into a primal rage.

For those with Lilith in Leo, the key to living and partnering with others is self-love and learning that the greatest happiness comes from within as opposed to looking for it through others.

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Famous examples of Black Moon Lilith in Leo

We saw Lilith play out in this sign through actress Marilyn Monroe who spent her life searching for love, along with the late Princess Diana who challenged the power of the royal family and revealed her wounds to the world, while at the same time destroying her role as Princess of Wales and future Queen.


Marilyn Monroe's Black Moon Lilith in Leo placement

Marilyn Monroe was the perfect example of this placement, searching for love through three marriages by the time she died at age 37. At least one marriage was documented as abusive because her then-husband Joe DiMaggio reportedly became jealous of other men looking at her. She had a rough and loveless childhood and lived in orphanages a great deal of the time. Had she found self-love, perhaps she would not have been thrice married at such a young age.

At the time of her death, she was rumored to have been involved with the President (JFK) and his brother. While her death was officially considered a suicide, there are those who believe that she was actually murdered because of her threats to publically expose her diary which was missing when she was found dead. Either way, death by murder over a relationship that was going to be revealed publically or death by an overdose points to her Lilith-in-Leo-related unhappiness of never being acknowledged for who she really was on a personal level. 

Princess Diana's Black Moon Lilith in Leo placement

Princess Diana also lived her Black Moon Lilith in Leo in a very public manner. During the last 10 years of her life, she was one of the biggest celebrities in the world with cameras continually focused on her.

Like Marilyn, Diana appears to have lived some very unhappy moments as a child after her parents divorced and her mother was not allowed to see the children. The entire world knows about her unhappy marriage to Prince Charles, now King of England. Based on published reports she revealed she never felt loved and turned to other men such as Captain James Hewitt. The relationship ended 4 years later and Hewitt betrayed Diana with a tell-all book.


Toward the end of her life, Diana was involved with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. They broke up after two years because of Khan’s reluctance to become a public figure, which would have undoubtedly occurred if he had remained with the Princess. Diana’s final romance was with Dodi Al Fayed. They spent much of the summer together and it became public knowledge since they were photographed numerous times together. In the end, Diana died with Al Fayed in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997. Her butler is reported to have said that Diana wanted to make Hasnat Khan jealous. 

There is still a certain amount of speculation surrounding the wreck, but it is reported to have occurred because the driver was drunk. In the end, this very public relationship and desire to be loved are linked to Diana’s tragic death. Al Fayed betrayed her, however inadvertently it was, because of a lack of security and protection that was needed. In the end, she died trying to find the love she always searched for.

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