9 Things You Didn't Know About Marilyn Monroe's Love Life

Marilyn Monroe

The bombshell had some juicy secrets!

Everyone knows Marilyn Monroe as the blonde babe from Some Like It Hot and Seven Year Itch. What people don't know are the delicious facts of her love life. Notoriously private despite her immense fame, Monroe kept her cards close. But, because we love you, we did some digging. So sit back and enjoy the nine things you didn't know about Marilyn Monroe's love life.

Monroe's first marriage (the one everyone forgets about) was to policeman James Dougherty in 1942. They drifted apart as her stardom grew.
She and Joe DiMaggio honeymooned in Tokyo after their 1954 marriage, during which she was requested to perform USO shows in Korea, which she did, performing ten shows over four days.

3. Once the press got wind of Monroe's relationship with playwright Arthur Miller they were titled "The Egghead and the Hourglass."

4. Prior to their marriage, Monroe was pressured by Hollywood executives to leave Miller when he was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee, but she refused.

5. Marilyn Monroe converted to Judaism after marrying Miller in 1956. They had two ceremonies; a civil one followed by a small Jewish ceremony a few days later.
Miller wrote a role specifically for Monroe in The Misfits. It was intended as a Valentines gift, but their marriage was already on the rocks and she is said to have hated the role, despite how well she did in the film.

7. Monroe nearly remarried DiMaggio, whose devotion to her spanned the rest of his life. He had a half dozen red roses delivered to her grave several times a week for the next twenty years.
She had two miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy across the span of her three marriages.

9. Not only did she have an affair with President John F. Kennedy, but she was rumored to have had one with his brother Robert as well.