What Is Your 'Big 6' In Astrology?

Together, these six placements reveal a lot about your personality.

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Though there are a number of birth chart placements that influence your personality, the 'Big 6' in astrology can provide well-rounded insight without the need for going too deep into astrology.

The Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars signs make up the Big 6 in astrology.

Each of these planets gives us a piece of our story, and we begin to understand ourselves a little more when we see how they all work together. Aspects from one planet to the other help us piece together the web, and we can explore new elements of each of these planets. The Houses they are in also inform us about new themes associated with the personal planet. We are constantly changing and evolving. Although our Ascendant can give us a picture of our potential, we still have the power to change our destiny.


Big 6 astrology placements

1. Ascendant or Rising sign

The Ascendant is the starting point and presents the foundation of your chart. The houses and the signs in your chart is linked to this placement.

From the Ascendant, you understand your angular houses (House 4, House 7, and House 10), which represent home, relationships, and career goals respectively.


When people meet you, they might first see your Ascendant and, as time goes by, they see your Sun sign.

The Rising sign shows you a glimpse of your chart before analyzing each planet. More of your story evolves with each of the other personal planets.

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2. Sun sign

Your Sun sign, which is the sign referred to when speaking broadly about zodiac signs, represents who you are. It gives you strength and vitality comparable to Mars. It allows you to find your desires and gives you a true sense of self.

The Sun is bright and unapologetic, where you radiate and stand out. It is a placement linked to your self-esteem.


When you are younger, the energy you feel from the Sun will not be as powerful. It takes time for you to develop self-love and confidence. You grow brighter every year with every lesson learned and challenges overcome.

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3. Moon sign

Your Moon sign reveals how you handle your emotions.

The Moon is representative of the mother and other feminine figures in your life. There is a lot to uncover when you know the sign and astrology house that the Moon falls in because it can give you hints about your early environment and sometimes your psyche.

Here you also see how you care for others and how you want to be treated.


The Moon's qualities are best expressed in personal relationships that have a deep bond.

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4. Mercury sign

Mercury represents your thinking and how you communicate. You can see your creative side and how structured you are. Developing your Mercury sign can help you feel self-assured as you get older.

How you manage routines depends on the condition of your Mercury sign and the house it is in. You also see what you value regarding education and the topics you might be interested in when pursuing higher education.

Mercury, like the Sun, can help you stand out.

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5. Venus sign

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, reveals what you love about yourself, others, and how your material possessions can bring you another form of love. How you spend and save is also linked to Venus.

Here you see where you want security and what motivates you to spend and what makes you feel safe. You see your Venus sign displayed when you fall in love, which is why it is essential to strengthen your Venus sign before entering a relationship. To love fiercely, you have to learn to love yourself first. Venus teaches you about your boundaries, the care you want to receive, and self-respect. 

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6. Mars sign

Mars is the fiery red planet that rules both Aries and Scorpio and is synonymous with the God of War. Your Mars sign is another important planet in your chart and depending on where it is located, you will see what area motivates you.

Wherever Mars is in your chart, you can express its energy easily. For example, Mars in the first house is driven by exercise, sports, or anything that involves the physical body. Mars here is fearless, driven, and unstoppable. Someone with Mars in the 10th, on the other hand, will want to receive accolades at work. They focus on success and climbing to the top. These people feel energized when surrounded by ambitious colleagues because they want to prove they are the best.

Mars teaches you not to back down when we know what we want.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.