An Astrologer Reveals What We Can Expect For Donald Trump's Future — 'He's Going Through A Literal Once-In-A-Lifetime Transit'

Trump’s luck is not very good this year.

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Former President Donald Trump is going through a very rough astrological period that will last throughout 2024 and into 2025-26. 

When transiting planets are negative and harsh in the natal chart, things don’t go so well. And in the case of Trump, most of this has to do with his legal cases, having just concluded the ‘hush money’ case that involved paying Stormy Daniels and another actress money to keep them quiet just before the 2016 election. 


Trump’s luck is not very good this year, but as the year progresses he will have a few instances of success — but the negative transits will outweigh the positive for the most part. Let’s take a look at some of Trump’s most significant aspects and why he will probably lose much more in the future.

An astrologer reveals what we can expect for Donald Trump's future

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Transiting Saturn square Trump’s natal Sun, Uranus and Moon suggest upsets in his career and reputation.

In Trump’s case, his Sun and Uranus lie at 22 and 17 degrees of Gemini respectively in the 10th house, which rules career and reputation. Trump’s Sun in the natal chart shows us that for most of his life, he has been focused on his career, which is where he tended to shine in the past. 


Uranus in the 10th house shows an unusual career and the potential of changing careers at some point in time. Uranus also rules all forms of electronic media. Before running for president, Trump had a lifelong career as a New York real estate developer and spent a great deal of time working on his TV show, ‘The Apprentice’ which ran from 2004-17.

Transiting Saturn square Trump’s Sun, Uranus and Moon will continue through September and technically for the rest of the year. Saturn hit 17 degrees of Pisces between May 6-18th, which was the first exact hit during the recent trial. Saturn-Uranus aspects bring about unexpected situations and nothing moves quickly enough. In other words, situations often work out differently than planned or anticipated or they don’t work out at all.

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Saturn square the Sun in his 10th house shows us that his reputation is not what it should be, which will adversely effect his career or anything that he would attempt or undertake as long as these planets are within orb.


Saturn in Pisces is also square his Moon in Sagittarius. While this transit is indicative of depression and tough times it also relates to trouble with or through women which is certainly the case. 

Earlier this year, Trump was compelled to post a 91 million dollar bond to appeal a case against him won by E. Jean Carroll. He has also been ordered to pay 355 million dollars plus interest in a separate lawsuit he lost that claims he manipulated his financial records in New York. New York Attorney General Letitia James, who brought the case, said the interest payments totaled $99 million and would “continue to increase every single day until it is paid.” 

He is also appealing a $938,000 judgement against him and his attorney for what a judge described as ‘a frivolous lawsuit’ against Hillary Clinton.

On May 30, 2024 Trump was convicted of 34 felony counts for falsifying business records relating to the payments he made to women to keep them quiet about his relationships with them that occurred before the election.


It is seldom that transiting Saturn aspects make only one pass and Trump’s chart is no exception. The most difficult transits of Saturn generally coincide with its retrograde. Saturn will turn retrograde this year from June 29th to November 15th. Transiting Saturn will square Trump’s Uranus once again August 12-26 and from January 28th-February 7th, 2025 after it turns direct.

Each time Saturn makes a pass it will coincide with another event that will undoubtedly not go well for Trump. 

Saturn will square Trump’s Moon from March 3rd to 12th, 2025, and his Sun from March 11 to 19th, 2025. Since transiting Saturn is currently in Trump’s 8th house of his natal chart, it is likely that future transits of Saturn to his Sun, Uranus and Moon will line up with future lawsuits, monetary losses and trouble through women.


Transiting Uranus is in Trump's 10th house of career, signifying a significant downfall.

Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected events, has entered Trump’s 10th house for the first and only time in his life. Uranus is sometimes referred to as ‘the Great Disruptor,’ because this is precisely what it does. 

When we experience a harsh Uranus transit, it is hard to know what the exact outcome will be. However, in all likelihood plans will be disrupted and nothing will go as planned. And in fact, Trump is likely to experience a downfall. 

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Uranus was conjunct Trump’s midheaven, or the cusp of his 10th house of career and reputation, at the time of his recent court loss.


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Uranus will square Trump’s Mars and ascendant several times this year and into 2025, representing rash decisions.

Uranus square Mars is a difficult aspect and Mars lies in Trump’s 12th house. In astrology, the 12th house rules things that are secret and hidden, endings and hospitals as well as prisons. Uranus-Mars is a volatile transit that is associated with impulsive actions, rash decisions, unexpected events and accidents. At times, this aspect is connected to incidents involving health, such as surgery. 

Uranus creates an urge to break free of something or lash out at others, especially those who may appear to be standing in the way of something such as authority figures whose job it is to reign in the individual. When Uranus hits 26 degrees (July 7-August 7th and September 28-October 29th) it is conjunct fixed star Algol. Algol is the most malevolent fixed star in the heavens and is associated with ‘losing one’s head.’ It is prone to violence and ill-thought-out actions.

Uranus is also square Trump’s 29-degree Leo ascendant, which can also bring about unexpected events.

This year, Uranus reaches 27 degrees and is square Trump's ascendant, but will hit it at 29 degrees or exact in 2025. The 29th degree of any planet is considered a ‘critical’ degree, indicative of significant events.


Uranus square the ascendant is another unpredictable aspect that can bring unexpected events that have a disruptive effect on relationships and professions that will challenge the foundations life has been built on. This is reflected through disruptive encounters and separations from others that have been significant.

Each time Uranus returns to 26 and 29 degrees, Trump will experience events that will disrupt plans, not go the way he anticipates or reveal another issue. Since Mars lies in Trump’s 12th house, this aspect could also indicate health issues as well. Mars and Pluto in his 12th house indicate that at some point, he could serve a prison sentence.

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Progressed Venus and Jupiter square Trump's natal Venus, Saturn and progressed Moon, signifying a loss of wealth and social status.

In astrology, the progressed chart represents who you have become. This chart simply moves the natal chart forward one day for each year of the person’s life. Progressions can show what some of the major themes in the chart are for the year.


Progressed Venus square natal Venus and Saturn-Venus and Jupiter are the two financial planets. Venus square Saturn in particular will not be helpful and shows money and social loss, things not going as anticipated and bad luck. This also activates his natal Venus conjunct Saturn in the 11th house of friends and the collective.  Venus and Saturn do not blend well and this aspect leans toward insecurity, and Saturn in the 11th house does not bode well in terms of the collective.

Trumps progressed Moon square natal Pluto suggests emotional upheaval.

If we look at Trump’s chart, come late fall, his progressed Moon is in Scorpio and squares Pluto. This relates to issues with women and is typically a time in life when we come face-to-face with our worst fears and come to terms with them. It is a time of emotional and personal upheaval.

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November 2024 astrology isn't favorable for Trump winning the presidential election.

The final New Moon before the election falls at 9 degrees of Scorpio on November 1st. This squares Trump’s Pluto in the 12th house. With an aspect like this, certain information is often revealed or can come out into the open. Pluto can relate to self-destructive behaviors and can lean toward operating on compulsions. This can also indicate issues and problems with women and the emotional life.


The North Node reveals our destiny and the future. It is opposing Trump’s Neptune in his second house of money, an aspect that tends to arouse a great deal of opposition from society and others. This aspect is also indicative of unrealistic goals and beliefs.

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Transiting Eris is another factor to consider. Eris brings strife and discord and in November, it squares Trump’s Saturn, a transit that embodies restriction with rebellion.

While Jupiter is conjunct Trump’s Sun in November, which is typically considered a positive transit, Jupiter is retrograde. Retrograde Jupiter can sometimes have an effect opposite of what is desired.


Transiting Pluto returns to Capricorn from September 3 to November 16, 2024. This is the final pass of Pluto in Capricorn and it will remain at 29 degrees which is considered a ‘critical degree.’ This represents the final pass of Pluto opposing Trump’s natal Saturn-Venus conjunction at 23-25 degrees of Cancer. This transit actually began in 2020 and has proven to be a highly negative aspect for Trump since it began. Saturn-Pluto aspects are associated with struggle, corruption, control and power struggles that are hard if not impossible to win.

All in all, it does not appear likely that Trump will win the 2024 Presidential election nor does it appear that he enters the Presidency on Inauguration Day in 2025.

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