Astrologer Claims Toxic 'Boy Moms' Often Have One Of These 3 'Unhealed' Astrology Placements

We’re not talking about mothers of sons, we’re talking about “boy moms.”

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According to astrology, our natal charts can provide a lot of insight into our past, present and future. Astrologers can take a deep dive into someone's birth chart to see what kind of relationship that person might have with their parents and, on the flip side, their kids, including what kind of parent they might be.

For example, “boy moms” raise mama’s boys and become the monster-in-laws that wear white to their sons’ weddings and are antagonistic to their future daughters-in-law. And with this, I give you, the “boy mom” pipeline. 


Despite the trend, this behavior has been a thing for much longer. What we’re actually seeing is emotional enmeshment and the formation of codependency, when mothers use their sons as surrogate partners blurring the lines between what’s age-appropriate to share with their son, oftentimes leading to their son having more emotional responsibility to mom because she is never okay. 


So what’s going on here from an astrological perspective? In short, these behaviors occur because of an unhealed wounding around motherhood (how they were mothered and how they are now participating in motherhood), childhood expression, partnerships and trusting intimate bonds.

Toxic 'boy moms' often have one of these 3 'unhealed' astrology placements

In astrology, Chiron is a placement that points directly to our deepest core wounding. When left unhealed, it can lead to devastating levels of “boy mom” toxicity.

For example, when Chiron is in Cancer, there’s a wounding around how the native was mothered and even a disconnect from a healthy example of motherhood. Similarly, Chiron placements that fall in the fourth house will have a similar energy because the fourth house is naturally ruled by Cancer, responsible for home, motherhood, and safety, no matter the sign it lands in. 

While the toxic behaviors of “boy moms” will depend on how much work is done to heal the wounding, the different levels of toxic behavior through Chiron’s placement in a natal chart.


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'Boy mom' toxicity level: Low

“Boy mom” toxicity doesn’t have to be over the top, and for this example, I want to mention the unhealed Chiron wounds in the fifth house, the house of children/childhood, hobbies, romance and leisure. 

This wounding stifles creativity and the expression of oneself, which manifests into the kind of mom who will treat her son like a peer, often dressing youthfully or living vicariously through her son and even using her son as a placeholder for what she lacked when she was his age. 


What comes to mind is the TikTok of a seemingly young girl wrapping her legs around a football player after a winning game, only for another commenter to say, “that’s his mom.” 

'Boy mom' toxicity level: Mid to high

Unhealed Chiron wounds in the seventh house, the house of partnerships, are what I would call “high-key toxic.” A person with this natal placement will have a wounding expressed in partnerships, often having turbulent relationships. 

This can create an “us against the world” trauma bond between mother and son if the father is not supportive or absent. Over time, with an unhealed Chiron wound like this, it’s easy for a mom to use her son as a surrogate partner, and her son in the future may feel immense guilt for abandoning his mom by getting a girlfriend or wife.


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'Boy mom' toxicity level: Extreme

Now, we’re moving on to “extremely high levels of toxicity” by telling you about the unhealed Chiron placement in the eighth house, the house of intimacy, taboos, secrets and transformation. As you can imagine, this can have the most extreme behaviors in “boy mom” natives who might impose inappropriate rules and control tactics on their sons creating emotional enmeshment, resulting in sons feeling responsible for their mother’s happiness and well-being.

To wrap up, I want to recognize all mothers and the struggles of being a mother, especially single mothers who are trying to do their best with the means they have at their disposal.


And while the #girldad is not nearly as popular, these dynamics can also play out between dads and their daughters, though it’s less common.

As an astrologer who works with parents to help them figure out ways to navigate parenthood (and figure out those WTF moments in parenthood), I understand that being a parent is at best the greatest life role to ever land, and at its worst, an unpaid 18-22 year internship to a temperamental boss.

While it may not ever be the right time to do inner shadow work to heal these types of wounds, the work is worth it if it means a more stable and healthy relationship with loved ones. Astrology is here to help make the healing journey and way forward clearer, giving us the self-awareness to make the change that only we can make.


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