3rd House Astrology: A Guide To The House Of Communication

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3rd house in astrology communication

The natal chart is made up of 12 houses and each one impacts an aspect of your life.

What is the 3rd house in astrology?

The 3rd house in astrology is represented by Mercury and the Gemini zodiac sign. Known as the house of communication, it influences your communication style, thought process, and self-expression.

The third house is also the house of siblings, family, your neighborhood, and the beginnings of your education from ages 5-12. You can see the impact of the third house and how it shapes your early childhood as well as your connections with the people you meet.

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Those with an active third house must remember that they need to be more assertive with their communication. As you grow older, the habits you learned in grade school (such as planning and organization) can impact how you learn in higher education, which is influenced by the 9th house.

The third house can also be a place where you develop structure through perfecting your routines. The mastery of your day-to-day life will be seen in the 6th house, but that foundation is created here in the 3rd house.

Since Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, similar themes we see in the 6th house will be echoed in the 3rd. Though these houses are different, they feed off of the energies of one another.

In this house, we create mastery through communication, which is why people with active third houses or Gemini Rising signs will be drawn to fields that allow them to communicate through writing, teaching, media, or publishing. 

Planetary transits through the 3rd house

Planetary transits through the third house can shift our minds and make us see things from new perspectives. They can empower, teach, or reinforce something that we had forgotten.

Overall, these transits help us find our voice and boost our self-confidence.

Sun transiting the 3rd house

A Sun transit makes us feel more enlightened and inspired to learn during this time. Our communication skills will feel slightly enhanced because we are confident and energized to push forward.

Writers benefit from this transit since it allows them to push for success.

Moon transiting the 3rd house

The Lunar transit will allow us to be more emotionally connected with ourselves. If we have neglected our emotional intelligence, this transit helps us return to healing and gives us the care and love we need.

Mercury transiting the 3rd house

When a Mercury transit happens, we feel more communicative and willing to share with others. Mercury transits are also a great time to reconnect with friends, family, and neighbors. We might feel more drawn to go back to our hometown and explore our roots.

Venus transiting the 3rd house

With Venus transits, we feel more connected with our words and books. It could be a time to read a lot more, be inspired by romance, set up new routines, or catch up on tasks because they feel more excited.

Mars transiting the 3rd house

Sometimes, Mars transits can make us say things we might regret.

However, it can also be a wonderful time to accomplish a lot and receive recognition at school or work. Mars has us motivated to succeed, and Mars in the 3rd is not afraid to win. During this transit, we can feel victorious, driven, and more willing to complete incomplete projects.

Saturn transiting the 3rd house

Saturn here will prefer to take its time and help the natives become more meticulous with their communication. During the next 2.5 years, the native might want to pull away from their circle of friends and be more of a loner.

Saturn wants the work to be done within so that when it moves to the 4th house, the native will feel a lot more confident about their self-expression.

Uranus transiting the 3rd house

Uranus is like a lightning bolt, sparking up ideas and new methods of planning and thinking.

Similar to Mercury transits, this seven-year transit is all about liberating ourselves from what we once clung tightly to and being more independent in our thinking. We abandon the old and allow the new ideas in since this is a period of powerful self-expression that will have lasting effects on our personality.

Neptune transiting the 3rd house

Neptune is the planet of dreams and, at times, deception. It is important for the native experiencing this transit to be more logical.

Incorporating the patience needed in a Saturn transit can allow the natives to gain control of their thoughts. Instead of focusing on what you feel, pressure yourself to look at things from an objective view before making decisions.

Pluto transiting the 3rd house

Pluto likes to shatter and rebuild; in the third house, it can seem like a Uranus transit but more overwhelming.

We have to relearn things with this transit, not literally but figuratively. If we fear public speaking, Pluto will make us speak louder than we could have imagined. If we were afraid of the spotlight, after a Pluto transit we will make others see our place in the Sun.

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Natal planets in the third house

Natal Sun in the 3rd house

Those with Sun in this house are dynamic and know how to get others to open up. They are bright people that can easily make positive impressions on others since they are witty and charming.

Natal Moon in the 3rd house

Natives with Moon in the third feel emotionally fulfilled when their philosophies or ideologies are appreciated by others. Finding people that share similar interests can help them get out of their shells and communicate more.

Natal Mercury in the 3rd house

Mercury is comfortable in the third house and feels like an explorer. They are always concerned with finding new information and learning.

It is the placement of people that want to learn it all as quickly as possible. Obtaining multiple degrees is common with this placement.

Natal Venus in the 3rd house

In this placement, Venus’ glamour and charm are experienced through their speech. They have words of honey and can melt the coldest of hearts.

The native might take years to feel confident enough to even speak in public, but as they grow older, commanding the center stage and standing out is easy for them.

Natal Mars in the 3rd house

Those with Mars in the third tend to put their foot in their mouth. The impulsive nature of Mars can make these people lash out, especially if they feel that their ideologies or ideas are being challenged.

Practicing patience and being more open to diplomatic discussions can help them develop more fruitful relationships in social settings.

Natal Saturn in the 3rd house

With Saturn in the third, the native learns patience whether they like it or not. It is common to see the folks with this placement be more reserved when they are younger. Saturn teaches them to measure their words, to think before they speak and as they get older they will know how to move others with the power of their words.

Natal Pluto in the 3rd house

People with Pluto in the 3rd natally are warriors. Co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, they will not have the impatience of an Aries, but they will be more articulate with their speech. Those with this placement are exceptional detectives because they can go through each piece of information and see what is not visible to others.

Natal Jupiter in the 3rd house

With Jupiter in the 3rd, the native is confident, jovial, and optimistic. They are the ones who can attract a lot of friends or have many siblings or cousins. The native feels comfortable at home and around the people they love.

Similar to Mercury, the native is willing to learn and grow with time since they are always intrigued by reading and learning.

Natal Neptune in the 3rd house

Those with this placement are patient and kind and might be gullible. Neptune can gift these people with excellent imaginations. Many people with this natal placement are great fantasy writers.

Neptune in the 3rd needs to focus on not getting too carried away with dreams and fantasy; a little dose of reality is always beneficial.

Natal Uranus in the 3rd house

Uranus here is fierce and independent. They are not afraid to speak their minds or to be heard. These people do not want to hide, instead, they are driven by creating changes that help society. Making the world a better place can be on their mind and their connection to the community can help them achieve this.

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Natal signs in the third house

Aries in the 3rd house

Aries in the third is confident with their speech. They do not back down from an argument and like to push others to see just how far they can go.

It is a placement that makes for great lawyers since they will be on their toes with debating and winning and are extremely self-assured.

Taurus in the 3rd house

These people are confident with their communication skills and will rarely back down from an argument.

However, because this is a fixed sign, getting them to change their mind will be a challenge. As long as they can be a little more flexible with their communication, they will not feel frustrated by others when there is discord.

Gemini in the 3rd house

As the natural ruler of the 3rd, Gemini feels comfortable here. The native will be studious and passionate about communicating.

Learning to back up their arguments with facts can allow them to evolve. The focus should not be on winning, but to present facts. Sometimes, Gemini here can get creative and embellish their arguments to win.

Cancer in the 3rd house

The native with this position will hold onto the past and not want to let go. Their communication will be very driven by reliable relationships, making them wonderful friends that do not care for superficial ties.

They do their best to listen to others and be there for them. Having supportive people that can listen and be there for them encourages the native.

Leo in the 3rd house

Those with Leo in the 3rd house know how to attract attention in a good way. Their charismatic personality and charm allow them to draw more people with ease.

Naturally popular and someone everyone wants to be around, the evolved Leo in the 3rd will speak with the elegance that can match any aristocrat. They make fantastic motivational speakers.

Virgo in the 3rd house

When the native has a Virgo 3rd house, it can make them great researchers. A library is a place where they feel at home.

Those with this placement do not like surprises. They are also not a fan of illogical arguments. Although they can be reserved, they are not afraid to speak out when they sense someone is lying or if there is a fallacy in someone’s argument.

Libra in the 3rd house

When Libra is in the 3rd house, these people are naturally inclined to the arts, music, and media, especially if they have planets here.

The Venus-ruled 3rd house is a charmer and can diffuse any tense situation. They also make wonderful lawyers since they understand the significance of maintaining balance in communication and debates.

Scorpio in the 3rd house

Natives with Scorpio in the 3rd are natural investigators. It is a placement that can keep many secrets, which is why people with Scorpio in the 3rd and who have a plethora of planets in the house will make great therapists or detectives. They are drawn to dark topics and subjects and love to learn new things relating to the dark side of the psyche.

Sagittarius in the 3rd house

Sagittarius in the third is loud, bold, and magnetic. Although they can be preachy, they are interesting people since they know just a little about everything. They have expansive energy that can help them to make friends with just about anyone.

Topics relating to religion and philosophy will keep them interested.

Capricorn in the 3rd house

Being patient is important for Capricorn in the 3rd. They do not like to rush or be rushed. Their speech is measured and they prefer to listen in their communication style. These people do not forget things easily and will remember the details, especially if they have planets in the 3rd house. 

Aquarius in the 3rd house

These people are usually Sagittarius Risings, so their speech can be bold, different, and unpredictable.

The native with Aquarius in the third easily stands out. They will shock and surprise others with their outlook and philosophy. They are constantly evolving and embrace changes as long as it is fruitful and allows them to expand.

Pisces in the 3rd house

With Pisces in the 3rd house, the native is a dreamer and a visionary. Usually, they have a Capricorn Rising which can allow them to not only dream but make those goals into a reality.

If the native has planets in the 3rd, they will be drawn to the arts. Music can have a powerful impact since it fuels their imaginative side.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.

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