How Natal Venus In The 3rd House Affects Your Life & Relationships

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In astrology, Venus is the planet of relationships, love, beauty, and attraction. Because of this, your Venus sign influences your romantic relationships and who you're attracted to.

But it's not just your Venus sign that makes a mark on your love life — the astrology house your Venus sign is in also plays a part.

Just as there are 12 zodiac signs, there are 12 astrology houses, each influencing a different aspect of your life. 

The third house in astrology, ruled by the Gemini zodiac sign, is the house of communication. 

Having the planet Venus in the 3rd house in your natal chart means your communication style and thinking process are influenced by Venus's traits.

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Natal Venus in 3rd house traits

1. Communicative

Venus in the 3rd house people love to communicate their everchanging feelings. They have no problem expressing their needs, even if those needs do tend to fluctuate rapidly.

They're also very social and get along with others easily.

2. Knowledgable

Gemini is known for being highly intellectual. Venus rules the arts, so you can expect someone with this placement to have a strong desire to learn about art, music, and literature.

3. Flirtatious

People with Venus in the 3rd house get a thrill out of flirting with and complimenting others. In fact, this placement flirts so much that it may come off as disingenuine, but chances are they mean every word.

4. Tactful

Gemini's influence on the 3rd house makes this placement tactful. People with Venus in the 3rd house always seem to know the right thing to say at exactly the right time.

5. Commitmentphobic

Those with this birth chart placement need constant intellectual stimulation. Because they get bored easily, it may seem like they don't stay in relationships for too long as they constantly look for the next best thing.



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Natal Venus in the third house relationships

People with Venus in the third house will likely find that they're highly attracted to the Gemini Sun sign because it's in that zodiac sign that they'll find the intellectual match they crave. 

Venus in the 3rd house people are sapiosexuals, meaning they're attracted to intelligence above all else.

While this placement tends to fall in love fast, they don't always fall in love for long. This is because of Gemini's influence on the 3rd house, which leads this placement to need constant intellectual stimulation. While having Venus in the 3rd house doesn't mean the native is a cheater, it's likely that emotional affairs and micro-cheating may be an issue.

The third house also rules short-distance travel and neighbors. When it comes to relationships, this means this placement has strong relationships with their neighbors, and may even fall in love with them.

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