3 Zodiac Signs Experiencing The Luck Of The Irish On March 17, 2024

On St. Patrick's Day, Neptune will Cazimi with the Sun in Pisces, creating an aura of hope and faith.

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On Sunday, March 17, Neptune will cazimi with the Sun in Pisces, creating an aura of hope, faith and the ability to see how to create more of the life you want.

A cazimi happens when a specific planet literally crosses into the heart of the sun, not only beginning a brand new cycle but also providing the space for auspicious events to take place. Neptune cazimi in Pisces will amplify the themes that this planet represents such as love, romance, hope, faith and even fantasy. Neptune rules what could be if only you believed it possible, and as it crosses into the divine heart of the Sun, you enter the space where you fully believe it.




Under this energy, it’s important to take note of what surfaces, especially as Pisces will be a leading energy for the next year as Saturn will remain here and will be joined by the North Node. The dreams that you have are real, but you must also be willing to put in the work to achieve them. True magic is when dreams collide with determination.


Neptune cazimi is a divine event that can bring luck to whatever area of your natal chart is ruled by Pisces, but for three lucky signs, it helps to change the course of your entire year.

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3 zodiac signs experiencing luck during the March 17 Neptune cazimi

1. Gemini

Pisces energy rules your house of career, reputation and even professional goals. This is an energy that can highly affect what major you choose in college, internship opportunities and career advancements. While you are often highly motivated to create financial success, Pisces energy here also asks that you ensure you are searching for the deeper meaning of what you choose — and that it is also of benefit to others.

Pisces is a sign that can carry a lot of contradiction as the twelfth sign of the zodiac, but the magic here is that because it’s the last, it also carries energy from each of the other eleven signs. For you, the Neptune cazimi brings a powerful shift in your professional life that will result in the change of majors or an incredible internship and career opportunity. While changes can often bring even some trepidation, as a Gemini, and the only other sign in the zodiac that represents a sense of duality, you should feel more confident in this process — which also means you’ll see more amazing results.


The luck here is that you will finally be able to see how to shift things for yourself in a positive direction where you’re not just bringing in the financial wealth, but also feeling as if you’re a part of something bigger. Saturn will still be in Pisces, so remember that you will have to do the leg work to make the most of this lucky transit, like researching different internships or applying for new positions. But by putting in the work and embracing the dreams you have for your life, you will find the ultimate level of success in 2024 that you have always been dreaming of.

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2. Cancer

Pisces energy is the antidote to everything that you have been moving through or even holding fears about. The Neptune cazimi is truly the universe saying not only are you safe to move forward, but that luck is on your side in every facet of this new journey. As you prepare for this lucky event, try to spend time journaling or preforming a release ceremony ensuring that you are letting go of everything that you’ve been carrying inside so that you have space for all of the amazingness and abundance that will start streaming into your life.


Neptune cazimi in Pisces will peak in your house of luck, abundance, travel, education and spirituality. With the cazimi here, you are being guided to start something new in how you approach these themes, and even opportunities in your life. Sometimes in life, the universe asks you to practice blind faith which is the trust that everything is happening to manifest what you desire regardless of whether there is logical evidence present or not. This isn’t about wearing blinders or not putting in the work, but instead truly believing that it’s safe to hope that better times are ahead.

Let yourself feel reborn under this unique cazimi, where you trust that the positive turn of events in your life is part of a new cycle that will remain. Look for what brings you joy, or even calls to your soul. The most important aspect is to let yourself take risk, especially if it means following your heart. Through deeper spiritual pursuits like an astrology course, returning to school, starting a business, or even in finally taking that trip you’ve always dreamed of you will be embracing and able to cultivate the luck that the Neptune cazimi is meant to deliver into your life.

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3. Virgo

No matter how much you may try to keep your feet on the ground when it comes to love, remember that a big part of romance is letting yourself get swept away — especially when you know it’s safe to finally fall. Pisces energy governs over your romantic sector, so while other zodiac signs may be seeing luck in their career or life path, you’ll be feeling the affects in your relationship.


Saturn has been in Pisces since 2023, which has asked that you take matters more seriously and be more committed to what type of relationship and commitment that you want. But as the Neptune cazimi takes effect, you’ll be able to embrace more of your dreamy side, and see that love is more than just a check list, but a journey of the heart.

Neptune cazimi unites the planet of love and romance with the Sun in Pisces, bringing in a total shift in your energy and what surrounds you. In this space, it will be hard to keep your feet on the ground, but the thing is, you’re also not meant to. Let yourself get carried away by love and romance with this energy, prioritize time with your partner or put yourself in the place to meet someone new if you’re currently single. Instead of looking at love in terms of what is simply being offered for you, pay attention to what you truly have dreamed of.

You will be gifted with the divine luck of Neptune cazimi in your relationships for the rest of 2024, and that energy may even feel like it carries over once the North Node, ruler of your fate, shifts into this romantic water sign. It’s time to throw out the rule book for love because you’re meant to see that your dreams are actually far more important than how a relationship simply looks on the surface. Embrace the luck of the Neptune cazimi to make the most of the love and connection that will be pouring into your life in 2024.


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