2024 Solar Eclipse Dates & Specific Effects On Each Zodiac Sign

The two 2024 solar eclipses will occur in the signs of Aries and Libra, respectively.

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While solar eclipses are a normal part of the movement of the sun, moon and earth, that doesn’t mean that each one doesn’t have a special or unique meaning in your life. This means that along with each of the two 2024 solar eclipse dates, there are specific effects on each zodiac sign through which the universe can bestow its brilliance upon you.  

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and earth, creating what is often known as the ring of fire in which only a small circle of light is visible. In astrology, the sun rules your external life, the possibilities that you attract and even the fate that makes itself known. Because of this, solar eclipses are known for creating unexpected and surprising events that forever change your life course, such as a surprise career opportunity, a chance romantic interlude, or in receiving an offer that puts your life on an unexpected path.  


Solar eclipses are auspicious because within the few seconds that the sun’s light is eclipsed from the earth, anything can happen, and often does, as the universe is able to work more profoundly within those moments.  

2024 solar eclipse dates

Monday, April 8: New moon solar eclipse in Aries 

On April 8, 2024, the first solar eclipse will occur within the fire sign of Aries, helping to spur you to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities in your life. 

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Reflect back to April 20, 2023, when the first Aries solar eclipse was on this cycle to see what first arose for you. Eclipses, like the lunar cycle, tend to work together, so you may find that a theme that was brought up in 2023 is now back for you to revisit and make progress on.

Aries is the sign of the warrior and self, so you may also find that you need to stand up for what you want and not be afraid to fight to achieve success. While this eclipse will be different depending on what area of your astrology chart it represents, it is guaranteed to bring a new surprise opportunity into your life.

You may have found that during the lunar eclipse in Libra at the end of March 2024, you realized you had given away too much of your power or placed the needs of others ahead of your own. Using that knowledge, you will now be able to advocate more for yourself and assert what it is that you want. While the needs of others matter, if you’re not ensuring you are having your own needs fulfilled, then no matter what you do you will never find the happiness you seek.  

Solar eclipses tend to work in unexpected and surprising ways, so while you may not be able to completely prepare for what is to come, by reflecting on April 2023 and noticing the reoccurring themes of your own life around moons on the Libra and Aries axis you can begin to understand the general direction the universe may be guiding you in.


The most important aspect of this solar eclipse is that it will ask you to surrender into life looking at things differently than you had imagined or even allowing events to move in their own time instead of trying to control matters. The sun is one of the luckiest planets in astrology, so trust that while unplanned, each event that does occur is only helping bring you closer to your divine destiny.  

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Each zodiac sign will feel the specific effects of the April 8, 2024, new moon solar eclipse in Aries in a different area of life:

  • Aries: Personal Choices and Beliefs  
  • Taurus: Healing and Intuition 
  • Gemini: Friends and Emotional Support 
  • Cancer: Career and Professional Life 
  • Leo: Abundance and Travel  
  • Virgo: Transformation and Truth 
  • Libra: Love and Relationships 
  • Scorpio: Wellness and Routine  
  • Sagittarius: Marriage and Children 
  • Capricorn: Home and Family  
  • Aquarius: Communication and Conversations  
  • Pisces: Wealth and Value  

Wednesday, October 2: New moon solar eclipse in Libra

October 2, 2024, will usher in the second and final solar eclipse of the year, this time in Libra.


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While the first solar eclipse in Aries helped you discover what you really want, now the second one is how to work together with others to bring it to fruition. No one, no matter how independent, truly lives life alone as the society that surrounds you is all about working together to achieve a greater result. But, for perfect divine harmony, you first need to learn what you really want before you can understand what direction you want to take your life and better understand who can help you get there.

Libra is an air sign that rules over partnerships. It also strongly affects romantic relationships because its planetary ruler is Venus, the planet of love. Even if at first you don’t notice any strong Libra energy in your chart, it always exists, and with this second solar eclipse you know that it means you’re going to have to work together with a partner or a group to achieve the dreams you desire for your life.  


What is interesting about the second solar eclipse of the year is that it will occur after the lunar eclipse in Pisces. Although the Nodes of Fate are officially in Aries and Libra until 2025, there are always those events that precede the official turning toward a new cycle, just like the Aries solar eclipse in 2023 happened before the Nodes fully shifted. So, the lunar eclipse in Pisces will be a sneak preview of the energy of the second half of 2025 but will also help you tap into that unconditional hopeful energy that you can use with the solar eclipse in Libra on October 2.  

What will make this even more intense is that the full moon in Aries will rise on October 17, which will connect back to the new moon solar eclipse in April. Expect October to be a month of manifestation as you can enjoy the ripe fruition of what you had previously set intentions to create.

Remember that while the first solar eclipse of 2024 was about yourself, what you want, and your life, now it’s time to learn how to communicate and work together with others. Allow yourself to reach out for support, ask for help, and include others in your plan. With both Aries and Libra being so highly activated in 2024, it truly is the time to learn what balance means for you — and how it can help lead you closer to your fate.


Each zodiac sign will feel the specific effects of the October 2, 2024, new moon solar eclipse in Aries in a different area of life:

  • Aries: Love and Relationships 
  • Taurus: Determination and Health 
  • Gemini: Joy and Creativity 
  • Cancer: Healing and Family  
  • Leo: Agreements and Conversations 
  • Virgo: Wealth and Deservingness  
  • Libra: Authenticity and Truth  
  • Scorpio: Personal Growth and Dream Fulfillment  
  • Sagittarius: Wishes and Community  
  • Capricorn: Career and Professional Aspirations 
  • Aquarius: Abundance and Expansion  
  • Pisces: Passion and Intimacy 

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and retreat curator.