What It Means Spiritually When You Have Cold Hands

You might be getting in your own way.

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If you’re like most people, experiencing cold hands and feet is just a small problem that you solve but don’t really pay attention to.

If, more often than not, your hands are cold, it can indicate you may have an issue with blood flow to your hands, anemia, or diabetes. It is important to get checked out by a medical professional.

But if you experience cold hands out of the blue for no good reason, the spiritual world may be sending you a message.


What do cold hands mean spiritually?

Our hands are a strong indicator of how we are coping with the world around us. Understanding what it means when they feel cold can help you work through internal roadblocks.

The spiritual meaning of cold hands is generally three-fold. The most common representation is that of fear. You might be apprehensive about something or downright scared.

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Another reason for your hands to suddenly turn cold is sorrow. You could have lost a loved one or are ending a relationship. Cold hands are a sign that you are temporarily lost and need to find your way back.

Cold hands can also symbolize a transformation or a breakthrough. You are at the end of one phase and ready to start the next one.

While these are general meanings of cold hands, there are multiple additional interpretations.

12 Spiritual Meanings of Cold Hands

1. You need to let go of fear.

Cold hands can be a sign from the spirit world that you are living in fear.

Maybe you are worried about someone or something. Perhaps you have a general fear of the unknown. Either way, it is time to let go and push forward.


2. You're sad.

Sorrow is another reason you might suddenly have cold hands.

You might be going through the loss of a friend or family member. The pain is so deep it permeates your soul.

3. You're on the verge of a breakthrough.

Another reason people get cold hands is because they are about to have a huge breakthrough.

You might have been going through a difficult period in time and wondered if it will ever end. Cold hands tell you it is about to be over, and a new phase is starting.

4. You're going to be prosperous.

You might be having some financial troubles as of late and are working to dig yourself out of a hole. Cold hands tell you that the tide is about to turn and you will receive an abundance of good fortune.


5. You're heartbroken.

If your hands are cold you could have recently had your heart broken into a million pieces. The negative energy that situation left you with is showing up in your physical body.

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6. Your heart and spirit are cold.

If your hands are cold, they might just be reflective of your heart and soul.

The ups and downs of life have made you an ice queen. Negativity has attached to your spirit because you have given up on allowing yourself to experience positive emotions.

7. You're closed-minded.

Cold hands can represent a closed mind.

You are unable to see other perspectives and are missing up on opportunities to step outside of the box. Your mind might also be closed off to your creativity, preventing you from developing new ideas.


8. You're traumatized.

When people have cold hands, it can mean that they experienced an emotional trauma and are shaken from it. You are hanging onto it and need to take the necessary steps to move.

9. You're getting in your own way.

The term "shooting yourself in the foot" might apply when your hands are cold.

You might have worked at something for some time and are hesitating to move forward. The path has been laid out for you. All you have to do is take it.

10. Your spirit is out of alignment.

Cold hands can happen when you are doing things that do not align with who you truly are.

You have forsaken your intuition in favor of financial gain or acceptance from others. It is time to trust your own intuition.


11. You're unfulfilled in your life.

The sudden onset of cold hands can tell you that you are not fulfilling your destiny.

Life is short and time is ticking away. You have been wasting precious days on things that don’t matter. Find out what you want and go after it.

12. You need to forgive and forget.

Holding on to feelings and things that no longer serve you can give you cold hands. It is important that you work through any negative emotions you may have about a person or situation so you can move forward without baggage.


Is it good or bad to have cold hands?

Having cold hands is not spiritually bad or dangerous. Cold hands bring important warnings and messages that help us live the best life possible.

Any time you get more understanding into the nuances of your thinking and emotions is an opportunity to grow and enhance your experiences and those of the people around you.

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