3 Warning Signs The Universe Will Give You When You're Out Of Alignment

Emotions are energy in motion. You get back what you put out into the universe.

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If you’re familiar with the law of attraction, spirituality or manifestation, you have probably heard of the term "vibrational alignment."

Every form of matter, including your body, has a vibrational frequency. Emotions are energy in motion, meaning that the create energetic frequencies and we radiate those frequencies, good or bad.

So, when you are in vibrational alignment, you are exuding the energy you want to attract. You are operating at a high frequency and are able to attract things like love, abundance and peace.


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If you find yourself out of vibrational alignment, your low frequency is a mismatch for the high-frequency things you want to attract. Without raising your vibrational energy, you will never get what you want.

TikToker Vickita Trivedi posted a video discussing the signs that you are out of alignment, and the three biggest indicators that the universe will send you.



3 Signs From the Universe That You Are Out of Alignment

1. You are always getting into arguments.

According to Trivedi, when you are out of alignment, “You will feel like you are constantly at war with others and that you just want to pick them apart and be extremely critical.”


When you are not happy internally, your energy spills out and onto everyone you come into contact with. You might be stuck in a state of "misery loves company" and want those around you to feel your wrath. You may feel anxious and don’t know what to do about it.

2. You face obstructions in your daily life.

When you’re out if vibrational alignment, things tend to not go as planned. This could be dates, trips, projects, or anything that just keeps falling through.

It can feel as if there is something in the way of what you hope to achieve — and there is. That something is you. Once you get into alignment, your desires will start to fall into place.

3. You have a recurrence of negative emotions.

The last sign from the universe that Trivedi gives is that you are experiencing the recurrence of uncomfortable or negative emotions. Some of the examples she provides are “laziness, agitation, fear, and anxiety.”


Trivedi goes on to explain that you are radiating these emotions and, in return, everyone around you is sending the same vibes back to you. What you put out into the world always returns to you, so that makes perfect sense.

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Additional Signs You’re Out of Alignment

There are other indications that you are out of vibrational alignment with the universe. Your mind and body are connected, so aches and pains could be an indication that you are not in alignment with your higher self.

There may be times that you simply don’t feel good and can’t put your finger on it. It may be time to discover your true purpose and find happiness.


It is not uncommon to drink, eat or consume things that are unhealthy for you when you are out of alignment with the universe.

The desire to feel good and escape problems causes you to do things that will cover them up, albeit temporarily. After the effects of the food or alcohol wear off, you are right back to where you started.

Insomnia is a clear indicator that something is off in your life. Perhaps you’re wracking your brain for solutions to a problem, or are too stressed out to sleep. Rest and rejuvenation are critical to keeping your alignment intact.

How to Get Back into Vibrational Alignment

Awareness is the first step in getting back into vibrational alignment. Understanding your emotions, behaviors and the underlying cause will go a long way in getting back on track.


Journaling during your experience is helpful. Jotting down all things you went through can be useful in recognizing misalignments before they get out of hand.

Lastly, you have to take action to fix the problem. If you're lying awake at night, look into ways to get some rest. If you’re dealing with anxiety and stress, see a therapist for guidance on how to overcome it.

Mindfulness about where you are in the present moment, and what you need to do to right your mental and emotional ship is the most effective way of getting yourself back into alignment with the universe.


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