5 Tiny Signs You Hold An Incredibly High Vibration

Keep shining your light.

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Many high-vibrational folks don’t realize they hold a high vibration because they are simply being themselves. I just took an Uber ride with a driver with a high vibration. He had an intense, beautiful energy, and I recognized he was a Lightworker immediately. He was like an angel, and I felt comfortable in his presence. Although there was a language barrier, it didn’t hinder us from having a lovely conversation.


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Here are 5 tiny signs you hold an incredibly high vibration:

1. You attract children and animals.

One sign you are vibrating high is that you attract children and animals. Children are pure and hold a sixth sense that many adults no longer tap into. Because of this, children can often read the energies of people. Similarly, animals also have the same ability. If you find that children or animals approach and feel safe with you, they sense the light within you. Children and animals have this ability because their psychic senses are still intact.


No matter where I venture, there are cats. These cats usually walk up to me and rub against my legs. When I rented an apartment in a country I visited recently, cats would sleep outside my door or visit me often. Cats are some of the most spiritual animals on the planet. If they are drawn to you, it’s a good sign.

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2. People stare at you.

After my last awakening, I noticed a lot of stares. While this might be flattering to some, I wanted to run and hide under a rock. Everywhere I went, I could feel eyes on me. This intense staring only increased when I left the United States and reached deeper levels of healing. Initially, I thought it was because I was in Asia. But then, I realized these people were staring because they saw light. If you receive stares in public, it might be a sign that you are vibrating high. If you are shy or introverted, this may be startling, but smile and be kind because your light is shining bright.


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3. Strangers often chat with you.

Another sign you are high vibrating is that strangers often talk to you. These strangers are genuinely interested in you and often tell their life stories. There are days when I meet people for the first time and have a five-hour conversation. I had a chat with someone I had just met recently. I didn’t even know her name, but we had a deep talk about her life changes, a recent breakup, and the death of her mother. If you resonate, you hold a high vibration. Random strangers are drawn to your light and feel comfort in your presence. Your energy is like a nice big hug.

4. Toxic people dislike you.

While traveling, I had a bizarre experience. A woman in the room to my left, who had never seen me, became severely agitated by my presence. When the woman checked in, I felt an energy shift immediately. She appeared to be in distress and had an immense amount of darkness. One day, while I was quietly speaking on the phone, she banged on the door that separated our room and screamed, “Shut up! You low-vibrational jerk!” It was only 2 p.m., and I certainly wasn’t loud. Her behavior didn’t shock me because I could read her; she was vibrating low and could not stand me.



I mention this because sometimes people will behave erratically in your presence when you hold a high vibration. If you are operating in the frequencies of love and peace, and they are in fear and guilt, it can trigger them. But don’t fret; continue being authentic and never dull your light for anyone.


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5. When you enter a room, the energy shifts. 

I briefly mentioned this sign in the previous section. When you hold a high vibration, you can enter a room and feel an energetic shift. When the woman checked into the room next door, I could feel a change immediately. When I left for lunch, I talked with my aunt and explained that something was off with the woman next door. Whenever I enter a public place, I can sense if someone holds a lower vibration or frequency that doesn’t align with mine. This ability has only increased over the last couple of years and is one of the primary reasons I prefer to stay inside. Lightworkers are often Empaths. Therefore, we can read a room.

If you resonate with all or any of these, you are likely a Lightworker or someone in high vibration. If you are, you must know you are doing tremendous energy work by simply existing. My loves, thank you for all that you’re doing. It is an honor to serve with you during this time of transformation and rebirth. Keep shining your light. 


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