The 100 Best Throat Chakra Affirmations For Truth & Self-Expression

Are you clear, concise, and loving in your communications?

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Most people know that there are seven main chakras in the human body, but some believe there are as many as 114. Our chakra system is made up of energy centers that are powerful tools for instilling confidence and purpose, creativity and intuition, healing and grounding, or love and happiness.

These areas of energy extend from your tailbone to the top of your head, and dysfunction in any of them can be detrimental to your life.


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A blocked throat chakra is represented by the color blue and can inhibit your ability to communicate and speak your truth. Conversely, if you have an overactive throat chakra, your communication skills can suffer and you might not be seen as a good listener.


If you have balanced the throat chakra, you will notice that you excel in matters of communication. You express yourself clearly and honestly and are able to easily attract everything you want.

How to Use Affirmations for the Throat Chakra

Affirmations for the throat chakra are positive declarations that call into existence everything that you hope to be. They work against negative energy to help you realize positive outcomes.

Powerful throat chakra affirmations can increase your self-esteem and self-love, minimize anxiety, stress and depression, enhance communication and understanding, and give you the confidence you need to live in your truth.

Affirmations stimulate places in your brain that create positive change. They use your emotional energy to manifest positivity in real life by cleansing, balancing, and invoking the magic of visualization and imagination.


Do throat chakra affirmations really work?

Affirmations, in general, work by repeating words until they become your truth. And they are not just a part of some mystical belief that you can create your own reality.

It has been scientifically proven that familiar words become real to us. The illusory truth effect demonstrates that no matter how true or untrue something is, if we hear it enough times, we start to think it is factual.

Throat chakra affirmations work by using positive energy to overcome any negativity that might be plaguing you. They recalibrate your energy center, directing it away from anything that does not add value to your life. That’s part of the reason they are combined with yoga poses for centering and peace.

If you are consistent and specific when affirming, you will notice that you start to speak things into existence. After you have seen the manifestations of your work, you have to keep speaking affirmations of gratitude to ensure that the change is permanent and not fleeting.


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100 Best Throat Chakra Affirmations

Being seen and heard are things that create and encourage truthfulness and allow individuals to freely express themselves without fear of judgment or repercussions. By nurturing your throat chakra with affirmations, you will ensure that you say what you mean and mean what you say.

Throat Chakra Affirmations For Communication

1. My honesty attracts everything I need in life.

2. I speak my truth freely and uninhibitedly.

3. I express myself clearly.

4. I communicate with ease.

5. I choose caring and loving words.

6. My words are gentle.

7. I express my gratitude about life.


8. I am a good and active listener.

9. It is important that my voice be heard.

10. My words are always positive.

11. I have clear intentions when I speak.

12. I speak freely and openly.

13. I empower others with my words.

14. I speak from a balanced and thoughtful perspective.

15. I love expressing myself.

16. I am wise and share my wisdom.

17. Communicating is key to my well-being.

18. I always have the right words to say.

19. I always speak my mind.

20. I know when to speak and when to listen.

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Throat Chakra Affirmations For Truth

21. I express myself truthfully.

22. I am fully aligned with my truth.

23. Honesty sets me free.


24. I live in my truth.

25. My integrity grows when I speak the truth

26. My voice is confident and truthful.

27. I listen when others share their truth.

28. I allow my highest truth to emerge.

29. I hear and speak the truth.

30. I express my truth creatively.

31. I communicate with the universe.

32. I live in my reality.

33. I speak the truth, no matter the consequences.

34. I am open and clear when speaking.

35. I share my true thoughts.

36. I easily tell the truth.

37. I am comfortable with my truth.

38. My honesty is magnetic.

39. My truth is important to the world.

40. I am genuine and authentic.

Throat Chakra Affirmations For Confidence

41. My confidence attracts what I deserve.


42. I express my love and goodness each time I speak.

43. I trust my intuition.

44. I am worthy.

45. I set healthy boundaries.

46. I get clear guidance from my higher self.

47. I trust other people.

48. I honor my voice.

49. I stand up for myself.

50. I empower myself with my words.

51. I am accountable for my own voice.

52. My mind is extremely sharp.

53. I trust in my abilities.

54. I love who I am.

55. My family appreciates the way that I think.

56. I know that all is well in the world.

57. I am responsible for what I say.

58. I don’t participate in gossip or criticism.

59. I am strong enough for any challenge.

60. I don’t need to speak with anger.

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Throat Chakra Affirmations For Healing

61. My throat chakra is now healed.

62. I take care of my body, mind, and soul.

63. I can give and receive love.

64. I have a radiant light coming from my throat.

65. My power to focus and concentrate is growing.

66. My immune system is improving.

67. My throat chakra is wide open.

68. I am resilient.

69. I am deserving of love and acceptance.

70. I am getting better every day.

71. I am constantly learning and improving.

72. I speak with loving intention.

73. I am keeping my throat chakra in balance.

74. I respect my own feelings.

75. I am grounded and healed.


76. My relationships are improving.

77. I use my voice to bring positive light into the world.

78. I have all that I need.

79. I am enhancing my power to communicate effectively.

80. I am aligned with my purpose in life.

Throat Chakra Affirmations For Self-Expression

81. My creative energies flow abundantly.

82. I have the power to create my own reality.

83. I am filled with creativity.

84. I intend to express myself.

85. I use my words and my voice to creatively express myself.

86. I create speech that reflects my thoughts.

87. Creativity is my superpower.

88. I speak things into existence.

89. I nourish my spirit through creativity.

90. I am enthusiastic about my ideas, and it shows in my speech.


91. I love my originality.

92. I share my experiences and tell my truth.

93. I express myself authentically.

94. I am full of great ideas.

95. I confidently share my creative work.

96. I infuse my high creative vibrations into others.

97. I am a positive influence.

98. I express myself through art and communication.

99. I have a right to show my creativity.

100. I articulate my ideas with ease.

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