The Secret To Living The Best Life Ever (Hint: It’s In Your Chakras)

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Each of the seven chakras has its own individual emotional and spiritual benefits, and all are in some way associated with happiness and creativity.

If you're feeling down or struggling with creative blocks, examining and attending to your seven chakras is the first step toward happiness and increasing your joy and productivity.

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Use this list of the major chakras to power up your happiness, love, success, and creativity

1. Root chakra

Your root chakra affects your sense of stability and security. When blocked it makes you fearful, and this insecurity can be paralyzing to both your emotional well-being and creative output.

Try taking a walk outside to reconnect yourself to nature, strengthening your body with meats and proteins, or engaging in a quick meditation exercise to clear your root chakra

2. Sacral chakra 

The sacral chakra is your center of sexuality and creativity, and it opens you up to new experiences. Often, creative enterprise means exploring the unknown, so attending to your sacral chakra can have a huge effect on your willingness to take the leap toward something new.

Surround yourself with the color orange, and light a jasmine or sandalwood candle to inspire creativity and joy.  

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3. Solar plexus chakra 

Your solar plexus chakra is associated with self-confidence and power. When it is blocked, you might be overly concerned with others’ judgment, but when it is too open you may become judgmental yourself — both traits that can impede happiness and creativity.

Make sure to take care of your physical body to keep the solar plexus chakra running smoothly. Keep your digestive system healthy by eating lots of fiber and grains, and engage in exercise that makes you feel powerful. 

4. Heart chakra

Love and compassion stem from the heart chakra, which is activated by the color green. Both self-love and love for others are key components of living a happy and meaningful life.

To engage the heart chakra, try calling a friend you haven’t heard from in a while, or volunteering with a charitable organization that means something to you. Any chest-opening yoga poses are also a great way to open yourself to emotional healing, which will ultimately improve your creativity. 

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5. Throat chakra 

The throat chakra is tied to your ability to communicate. Communication roadblocks often affect creativity when working with others, and poor communication can impact your personal relationships and happiness.

Keep your throat chakra balanced by eating citrus fruits, or meditating with blue and yellow crystals. And don’t be afraid to practice a big presentation or tough conversation on your own in front of a mirror — this will give you confidence and ensure that you are communicating with dignity and respect.

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6. Third eye chakra

Your third eye chakra controls your intuition and decision-making — skills that are key to joy and creativity. Having a balanced third eye chakra will help you with creative problem-solving both in your professional and personal life.

Lavender flavors or scents encourage seeing the big picture, as do forward-bending yoga poses. A quick de-cluttering of your workspace or living area can also lower your stress levels and help you detach from a lifestyle of materialism.  

7. Crown chakra

The crown chakra represents spiritual connection and well-being. When you are feeling down, a short walk in the sunshine can help clear your crown chakra and turn your mood around.

If you live in an urban environment, plan a trip to a rural area to reconnect with your own spirituality and your place in the wider universe. For a quick stimulation of the crown chakra, try meditation, a sunlight lamp, or a nice long run.

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Be mindful of the minor chakras

1. Hand chakras

The secondary chakras located in the palm of your hands let you give and receive energy. Blocked hand chakras are often associated with creative blocks, whether mental or physical and with difficulty connecting to other people.

Using your hands to make art can help you activate the hand chakras. Try a pottery or sculpting class, or pick up a pen and do some sketching. You can also attend to your hand chakras by using Reiki hand positions to use during meditation.

2. Earth star chakra

The earth star chakra is sometimes known as the Super Root and is located about twelve inches below your feet. Think of it as the cord that connects you to the energy of the earth, and to your soul’s past incarnations.

This chakra can become blocked when overwhelmed with the frantic pace of modern life, so taking a break from your computer can help you to clear it. Exercises focused on interconnectedness, such as tree meditation, can also strengthen your earth star chakra and encourage contentment and happiness.

It can be tough to break out of a creative block or bad mood, but taking time to balance your chakras can help you handle pressure and live a healthy, productive life.

And don’t forget to check in on your spiritual and emotional health when things get tough!

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Amy Leigh Mercree is a medical intuitive, bestselling author, media personality, and wellness coach. She speaks internationally, focusing on kindness, joy, and compassion.