How To Activate All 114 Chakras (Because There Are Way More Than 7)

It's a very complex system.

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If you know anything about chakras, you know that it is commonly believed that there are seven of them in the body. Chakras in the human body create subtle energy that we use to show up in life as our best selves.

The 7 chakra system includes:

Chakras play an important role in balancing your emotional energy, your nervous system, and are vital energy systems needed for people to function.


But what you may not know is that chakra systems are not limited to the 7 points we are familiar with; rather, there could be as many as 114 chakras within the human body.

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How many chakras are there?

In Western Culture, psychologists like Carl Jung popularized the 7 chakra system so much that many are unaware that there are also 5 chakra, 12 chakra, and 114 chakra systems.


The 5 Chakra System

The five chakra system is based on the building blocks of the world we live in. The base, located at the pelvic floor, represents earth and the foundation. The chakra just below the belly button is water, used to grow and flourish.

The heart chakra is represented by fire, the flame within that keeps us moving forward and to shine light. Near the throat is the wind chakra, which makes sense for taking in the oxygen we need. The last chakra is at the crown of the head and represents space.

This system works on the premise that our bodies have three channels that spread through them and allow energy to flow. These are the right and left dominant channels and the central channel, often referred to as "the three lights" in ancient writings.



The 12 Chakra System

One of the most recent beliefs surrounding the number of chakras in the body is that there are twelve of them. That number includes seven main chakras within the body and five additional ones that are thought to exist outside of the physical body.


Those include the seven chakras that we all know and love — the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown — along with five new external ones. Those are the earth star chakra, the soul star chakra, the universal chakra, the galactic chakra, and the divine gateway chakra.

The 114 Chakra System

The most comprehensive theory is that there are 114 chakras in the body, our mind-soul, and our system of auras. They are believed to give structure to our five bodies of energy and strengthen our ties to our higher powers.

The 114 chakras in the human body are regarded as manifestors of our physical beings, minds, and emotions. In 2005, philosopher Sri Amit Ray was meditating in the Himalayan Mountains when he discovered the names, locations, and functions of the 114 chakras.

The 114 chakra system is rather advanced and complex, with 112 residing inside the body and two on the outside.


The interior ones are arranged into seven dimensions, each containing 16 aspects. Those seven dimensions are what we know as the main chakras.

Those seven major chakras are tied to major organs, including the kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen, and reproductive organs. They help to rid our bodies of toxins, support immunity, and increase fertility.

There are also 21 minor chakras throughout the body that toggle between active and dormant, but are rarely working at the same time. They are like assistants to our main chakras, stepping up to provide support when needed.

The 114 chakras are considered "junction points" where energy flows, called Nadis. Chakra balancing and activation is an interconnected systematic process that requires all of your energy centers to work in coordination with one another.




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Where are the 114 chakras located in the body?

The 114 chakras are placed throughout your entire body from head to toe.

They are found in areas of the brain, spine, chest, heart, arms, hands, intestines, pelvis, hips, legs, and feet. But it’s important to remember that the 114 chakras exist on an astral, or spiritual, plane.


Your 114 chakras all have different functions and are relegated to specific locations within parts of your body such as the pituitary gland in your brain, your tailbone, the tibia, and fibula in your legs, or even the individual parts of your feet like the metatarsals and phalanges.

Your minor chakras are in your hands, legs, tongue, elbows, clavicles, shoulders, ears, eyes, and nose. Some of them are more prominent than others.

The image below is a visual representation of the 114 chakras.

The chakras are seen in four possible forms.


Long chakras are long and thin, while short chakras have a circular, cubic shape to them. If a chakra is flat, the surface is broad, and they are dead or underdeveloped. Irregular chakras take on characteristics of their own and can vary in shape and size. A defective chakra will take on an irregular shape.

Chakra colors tell you what function they are related to, giving you the knowledge needed to identify and correct problems you might experience in your energy. Here is a list of the colors and the processes or afflictions they are connected to:

  1. Red: stimulation, energy regulation, increasing appetite
  2. Orange: mood, thyroid function, bone issues
  3. Yellow: arthritis, focus, concentration
  4. Green: calmness, metabolism
  5. Blue: appetite suppression, migraines
  6. Indigo: mental health and wellness
  7. Violet: meditation, endocrine system

Chakras include a nucleus that carries the blueprint for life, manifestation, and Kundalini energy. The membrane protects the chakras and controls the flow of energy in and out of them.

The daliya is a substance in the membrane that gives the chakra mental and spiritual energy. The chakra wall is the exterior, guarding all internal components for external energies and giving it shape and support.




What are the 72,000 Nadis?

The Nadis are what moves your life energy up and down throughout the body, moving it from one chakra to the next. They are linked to the rhythm of your body including the sleep cycle, hormonal secretion, brain waves, and blood flow.

These little pathways distribute energy where you need it most and are known as prana. Because there are so many, we usually focus on the most powerful, which are the Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna.


The Ida (femininity, intuition) is located to the left of the spine and the Pingala (masculinity, logic) is on the right. The Sushumna goes right through the middle of the spine.

You might notice the area in the same places as the right, left, and central dominant channels of the five chakra system.

How to Activate the 114 Chakras

In order to activate the 114 chakras, you need to follow a mantra purification process that also includes meditation. This requires knowing the names, locations, and functions of each and every one of them.

It also means you must identify blocked, overactive, or underactive chakras and work to eradicate those issues.

The step-by-step process is complex, but Sri Amit Ray offers a masterclass on it. Doing it incorrectly can complicate your system, according to him.


But people who have successfully activated their 114 chakras profess to be enlightened, awakened, blessed, blissful, and completely fulfilled.

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